Glenn’s powerful NATIONAL DIVORCE message: ‘I’m keeping the kids’

The far-left has labeled Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a radical once again, this time for her push for a ‘national divorce’ in America. But if THAT is deemed ‘radical,’ then why hasn’t the far-left’s intense push to transform and destroy EVERYTHING we once loved about America ever been labeled the same? In this clip, Glenn gives HIS powerful message on a national divorce. He shows how America’s Democrats have dangerously transformed nearly every sector of society, describes what YOUR Constitutional (and peaceful) duty is as a response, and explains why establishing a strong relationship with God is needed now more than ever. Plus, what it means when Glenn says that if a divorce DOES occur, then conservatives are ‘keeping the kids...’


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GLENN: So we need a national divorce. I want to make sure I'm very, very clear on this. We need a national divorce, she writes.

We need to separate by red states and blue states, and shrink the federal government.

So she's not saying destroy America.

She's saying, we should probably not do business with one another, because we're killing each other.

And shrink the federal government.

Okay. Everyone I talked to says this from sick, disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats, to the traitorous last -- America last policies, we're done. Okay. Then the response, all those who support Greene's call to end the US. She didn't say that. But let's just take her -- let's just take it at her -- you know, we should separate and have a national divorce. They should have their US citizenship revoked. Really?

Because I know a lot of people on the left, that have actually called for the USA to end. And they haven't their citizenship revoked. So if you want to do that, let's just be consistent.

Here's -- here's the way I look at things today.

Remember when they said they wanted to reimagine the police? Many of us thought, no, he they don't want us to reimagine the police. They want to reimagine everything. When it comes to the police, they want to reimagine the justice system. The system that we have had in place for over 200 years.

The system that is -- is dictated and designed by our Constitution. They wanted to redesign and reimagine all of that. They wanted to reimagine all of our history. They were taking down statues. They -- they were making George Washington into a monster.

They wanted to reimagine our basic way of life.

Now, a lot of us thought that was foolish. A lot of us thought that was foolish.

Now, there's a new study out, that shows the results of this. And it's been a two-year study. And if you're a long-time listener, you know I will admit when I'm wrong. And the study shows, right or wrong. The idea of zero bail and arrest and release. They are not foolish, as it turns out. They are extraordinarily dangerous as well.

Now, common sense told many Americans, that it's a disaster. You don't do that. You don't just throw something out.

This is important.

You don't just throw something out, and say, let's reimagine. What's your plan?

What are you -- what are the steps you are going to take? What are you replacing it with?

Now, they've been studying this since June 2021. And they are dramatic. And there are no two ways to read the results. I'll quickly just give you this. If you had a zero bail policy, it appears as though more than 70 percent now of those who were released without bail, were -- went on to be arrested for additional crimes.

Okay? Seventy-eight percent of suspects released without bail were found to be rearrested for crimes. And if you gave bail, only 46 percent were arrested.

So that's really, really clear. And this is just one thing, of the reimagining of our entire system.

So we know reimagining war, how that's working out for us. Reimagining our military. Reimagining our Middle East policy.

We know how those things are working out for us.

So the left -- and let's go back to the police forces. The left forced a reimagining on our police forces, all across the country.

They got their way. No bail.

They reimagined the district attorneys with George Soros. They imagined all of it. Did it help?

Did it help the criminal? Or did it help the victim?

Did it help black people, white people, Hispanics? The communities.

Is life better in those communities. For anyone.

Is life safer for either the victim, the offender, or the community?

Is our law enforcement better, did it fix the rogue cop problem? Are our cops feeling like, they're not the bad guy, with no one watching their back?

Or do they feel like they are the bad guy, and no one is watching their back?

See, this goes to one piece of the entire puzzle, that they have been putting together.

And a society cannot survive very long, with lawlessness. And a free society, even less. So now that the results are officially in, on just this one topic, will the cities admit they're wrong?

Will they change this policy?

Will mayors, governors, legislatures, attorneys general, reign in this grossly failed experiment?

Well, my guess is no. Why? Again, I would have to go to common sense. A couple of things, one, admitting that you're wrong is very difficult, and politicians don't usually do it. But they also have this thing with Marxism, where they say the same thing after every Marxist, authoritarian failure. It just wasn't done right. Well, we just didn't do it right.

Okay. Well, let me ask, Seattle, you had all the power.


What levers did you not control?

Why did it not work out well?

Were the wrong people in charge again? See, the only thing you didn't have was the power to physically or permanently silence all those who opposed you.

But you had the power to do that, more than any time since the 1950s and the red scare.

The reason why this won't change, is because it is clear, this was never a plan to make policing better.

It was a plan, and it was well-thought out.

But it was just a plan to destroy, to tear down, and to create chaos. And they've been very successful in that plan, all across America. And throughout almost every portion of society.

The plan to destroy the community. Destroy our history, standards. To destroy our story. To destroy our power, as an individual, and our power as a country. As far as, you know, domestically, our power as a country with foreign relations. And our physical power.

They've destroyed the relationship between parents and teachers. Parents and the state. Parents and their doctors. While destroying the stability of childhood. By refusing reality.

And confusing reality with fantasy. By destroying logic and reason. And empirical truth. And replacing it with activism, slogans, relativism, and dangerous lies.

So we have our proof on the reimagining of the police. We have it in a study. But we know the proof, on so many things.

I mean, anyone with common sense knew, this would be the result of no bail. How long will Americans of all political stripes, those Democrats, Republicans, independents. All of us. How long are we going to wait, before we demand, at the local, state, and federal level, that they end this wanton destruction of our entire way of life.

We are not safer today, in most of our cities now. The world is in much greater danger now, because we reimagined the truths that kept of our military strong.

We are economically in peril. The dollar value. Because we're reimagining what it means to print money. Our borders are not secure.

Our citizens are not in charge. They are not listened to many of the times.

Is our government even engaged in the basic tasks that we, the people outlined for them, when we, the people established the government.

Because we told them in writing, that we were just lending them our power, in order to, quote, form a more perfect union.

Are they moving toward a more perfect union, or a divided union?

We told them, we would lend them our power, to establish justice. Is justice being served, or justice being redefined against the people's will?

Are they ensuring our domestic tranquility. Or are they the source of a lot of our problems?

Providing for the common defense. Promoting the general welfare. Are they securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity?

Are your children going to be freer, than you are?

Boy, I would say, that is a big no. So I don't know if they're even engaged. I contend, that they have not just failed on this job, but they've become hostile to the meaning and purpose of that job.

And we let them.

But our Founders knew that this would happen. They knew we would tolerate it, up to some point. From the Declaration of Independence. All experience has shown, that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they're accustomed.

We're used to this.

And it's still -- life goes on. I mean, I'm free to go to the movies. I have a job. Whatever.

So we tolerate too much.

But that's expected. But we told them, that their job was to secure the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Governments were instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. But it goes on.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people, to alter or abolish it. Not a period. A comma.

And to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them, shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

So what they're saying here is, you have to build the net to fall into. You have to show what you're going to replace it with.

And you'll notice that anyone who says, I don't want to replace it. I want to live by the Constitution, are deemed radicals.

And those who want to reimagine everything, are not radicals. Well, that's an upside down world.

They said, prudence indeed, will dictate the governments long established, will not be changed for light and transient causes. But when a long chain of abuses and usurpations, now, listen to this, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces, otherwise known -- shows clear evidence a design, to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right. It is their duty to throw off this government, and provide new guards for their future -- future security.

Now, that's a fascinating phrase. Think of that. A long train of abuses and usurpations. So things that are happening, that are -- are destroying your freedom. Your way of life. Our Constitution.

And they're all -- they're all ending the same way, as anybody -- you've ever heard. Hey, how come. I mean, this is a mistake. This is a mistake. This is a mistake.

How come there's never a mistake that goes the way of the Constitution for America. That's a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object.

The destruction. And when you have clear evidence, that this is a design, this isn't just happenstance.

There are people designing this, that put us into absolute despotism, then you have a right and a duty.

So the two questions remain. Do you see, a long train of abuses and actions, that are trying to destroy your rights and powers?

Do they all point to the same object? To the same direction. To destroy our system of rights, checks, and balances. Justice.

Security. To -- to give us a completely new form of rule and society. I think the answer to that one is clearly yes.

But it may not be for those who have their heads in the sand and are not paying attention to the news.

Have we, the people been informed and involved in those decisions?

Because if we were all doing it, and they were sharing and saying, look, we're going to do this.

We want to abolish these rights, in the Constitution. We want to make sure that we have an administrative state. And Congress is irrelevant.

And we all talked about it openly. And we all decided, that would be different. But that's not what's happening.

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So do we have a long train of abuses and actions, trying to destroy?

Have you been involved in it, or have you been lied to?

Have you been diverted, silenced?

Gas lit? Have you been told things like ESG and The Great Reset. Are fables. Lies. Disinformation.

Conspiracy theories. And now see that they are not that.

And how many times have you been told one thing by your government, and then I realize, they are actually doing that.

Have they allowed chaos to breed and burn on our streets? Only to excuse them with the torch. And then discredit or silence those people. Call them terrorists.

When they're actually law-abiding citizens, who are just standing up and saying, law and order?

Has the government grown past their constitutional restraints?

And has it been to enhance and secure your individual rights, or has it been to chain you, while freeing those who are in bed with government.

And are all of those abuses and actions pointing the same direction, or not?

Now, you have a right and duty, but that's only the first question. How?

What is that duty? How do you do it?

Now, this is where everyone stops. This is where everybody says, we have to separate and have a national divorce. And others say, that's traitorous. That's treason.

Well, that's because people aren't answering the second question. The Constitution and the -- and the Declaration of Independence are very clear on your rights and your duty.

But the second question is: How? What does that mean?

The answer, next.

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GLENN: So we have been talking about the national divorce. It's trending again today. And people are arguing, back and forth. You're a traitor if you say that. Well, you're a traitor because you're trying to destroy America. Let's just use some logic and reason here. Okay?

Nobody wants a war. If there's a War Between the States, those don't usually end well. In fact, I think ours is the only one that's ever ended well.

But it won't end the same way this time, because we are not the people our Founders were.

We have to decide, first of all, is there a pattern or a long train of abuses? Is there a pattern all pointing to a design to destroy your freedom, your rights, as outlined in the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence?

If you decide that, then you have a right and responsibility, according to the Declaration of Independence.

So now what do you do? What do you do about that?

Red and blue separate. Okay. What does that even mean?

Because if -- if Texas decided to secede, I would not live under a -- a state, unless it is under the framework, the exact framework of the Constitution and the mission statement of the Declaration of Independence.

So, in other words, I would not tolerate anything being changed, except a reset back to factory settings.

If you want to write a new Constitution, I -- I am not in.

Because I support the Constitution of the United States. Okay?

I will -- I will do everything in my power to protect and defend that. So I don't really see, you know, myself at least, as leaving the United States of America.

I think the United States of America, the of power structures, have left the United States of America.

Not me.

I still believe in the same values, that we've had since the revolution. And the -- and the beginning of the republic.

So what does that mean exactly, the national divorce?

Now, build a dual economy?

This makes sense on so many levels. First of all, we have seen that the economy, our banking system. Our trade with one another, has become weaponized by the United States government, through public/private partnerships.

The things they couldn't do, because they were constitutionally restrained. They have gotten corporations to do.

Well, that's a usurpation of the rights in our Constitution, so no.

I don't want to live that way.

And until they will reestablish the proper role of government, we should do everything we can, to ensure we don't need their corporations.

The government's corporations, to survive.

But this makes sense in -- in so many ways. Look at what COVID taught us.

We are not independent. We are not independent as people. We are not independent as communities.

Or states. We will all perish, if there is a global trade shutdown.

We should be rebuilding our manufacturing, our skills, we should be able to survive locally.

So having, you know, a -- a -- a dual economy, is really smart.

So you have a right to do this. You have a right to discuss this. You have a duty, it says in the Declaration of Independence, to throw off the chains. But what is that duty? What does that mean?

Because remember, there's a comma, not a period.

You have to replace it, with something that you think is going to be better. Now, I can't think of anything better than the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Can't think of anything better, that would protect them. You just have to actually use those things.

See, it's our duty to not only throw off the chains. And not act as terrorists. Or to become, what we despise.

It's to work together, as a people, to throw off the chains and organizing such powers that will be more likely to protect those rights. So that's not a terror group, from Antifa, to the white supremacists, that -- that offer nothing more than chaos. Slavery.

You have to have a plan, before you follow someone, or you say, let's just shirk off these chains.

You can't. What's your plan for being more safe for individuals and their rights?

I haven't heard that plan. You see, there is that plan, on the other side. They are building the framework of the global community. They are building a global government.

They are building a new currency, that will monitor you. They are building the authoritarian state.

And there's a very well-crafted, well-designed plan, that, quite honestly, is genius.

They didn't collapse us first. They're collapsing us as the power grows.

They start to put an ESG. And as that takes root, they collapse us a little bit more.

And so it's a controlled destruction. Well, you don't just destroy that, and expect everything to go well.

What is the framework?

So when somebody says, we should secede, or we should have a national divorce, what do you mean by that?

What is the framework? What are the states -- what is their government like?

The first thing we have to do, if you believe there are usurpations, and a long train of abuses, that point to despotism, we must first reestablish our first citizenship.

Otherwise -- this is America's cornerstone.


If you live up to those laws first, start with the first, hey. How about this?

How about the Ten Commandments? Are those too difficult?

How about the golden rule?

Okay? Live up to those laws first. Because that will give you reason, clarity, and define inspiration to reestablish this experiment.

And the guardians, to guard those rights.

In the meantime, know that the design is real. The design to destroy this is real.

And so we all have a duty to stand up, but what? We stand up for the restraint on current power. We're not against, we're for the Bill of Rights.

Why are we always saying we're against this. We should be saying, no. That's a violation of the Bill of Rights, and I am for freedom of speech.

We need to stand for people. Like freedom caucuses. There should be a Freedom Caucus in at least 25 states. And they should be powerful.

Texas, doesn't have even have one. How is that possible, in a state, this red?

Because this state, the G.O.P. has gone corrupt.

We need to stand as long as the Freedom Caucus stands for the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Ohio, stop waiting for the feds.

What are you waiting for?

Why did the governor wait so long?

Wait, the governor has absolutely no power. I mean, I swear, I'm going to get him a little bracelet. That says, what would Ron DeSantis do?

Just look at it every day?

You think he's waiting around? Take care of your own people. You look mousy, and, quite frankly, un-American.

Now, we need to stand up, in all cases, against lies.

Now, that's hard. In all cases, against -- do not tolerate lies. This is the easiest thing you can do.

Do not go along to get along. That doesn't mean agitate. That means, no. I'm sorry. That's not true.

Get involved in -- in your anti-ESG legislation, your -- on your state level.

Work for fair access laws. Which empower you, not the attorney general. But empower you to go after ESG.

Now is the time to support candidates, that will throw the RINOs out. Now is the time to decide, am I supposed to run? Am I supposed to help somebody who is running?

In 2024, there should be strong Bill of Rights and constitutional candidates.

Not radicals. Not crazy people. People who know the Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

And will walk through fire to reestablish that. Mitt Romney should have a challenger right now. Kevin Cramer in North Dakota should have a challenger. Does he have a challenger? Is the G.O.P. or the freedom-loving people there, are you working on this?

Roger Whittaker of Mississippi. These -- Deb Fischer in Nebraska.

These senators can be flipped!

But you better have a good candidate. And you should be working on it, right now!

We don't need to separate. We need to find things that we all pretty much agree on. And this insane march to war, is something that should be universal.

We should stand up against the march towards war. Stand up in your local community. You want to make a difference? Start a farmer's market, if you don't have one already.

You want to make a difference? If you have one already, go shop the farmer's market. Go find a church, that is actually engaged. Not necessarily in politics, but a church that is teaching what our pilgrims knew.

That made them a danger to the king. Which is, there is no king, but God.

I answer to God first. Not men.

And the -- the flow of power, goes God, man, government.

Government is last, and only empowered by man, to protect the rights given to him by God.

This is what we need to do to save our country. But if I boil it down to one thing, it would be getting you and your family right with God.

God is the only answer at this point. If we do not have his favor, we do not survive.

This is a divine and sacred land.

This land -- is it a coincidence that freedom was established here, and all of this land -- we have everything we need -- everything we need to be independent and free. And be a beacon on a hill.

For all the world to see. This is how it can be done.

This is how man can live with one another, in peace. In harmony.

We get it wrong. And sometimes for long periods of time. But as long as the people understand they have the power to correct those wrongs.

And go back to the system, that was divinely inspired. Our Constitution. Our Bill of Rights. Our Declaration of Independence.

It's all of the answers that you need, are in those documents. So should we have a national divorce?

I wouldn't be against it. But I'm the one that's keeping the kids. I think we're the ones that, you know, need to make sure, we're not the ones that are violating the rules of this marriage.

You are. You're the ones stepping out on us.

I'm living by my marriage vows.

I'm living by the rules of the Constitution.

And if your state is not -- start standing up and demanding that they live by the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution.

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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: All right. So here's what we have to do this weekend, beginning tonight at midnight, if we don't sign the CR, and continuing resolution, which will give just a buttload of money. Just keep spending, exactly like you were spending last year, and no real accountability for any of it.

And we have to add some more for a war.

If we don't sign that by tonight, we have to shut the government down. Pat Gray is joining us.

What will you do as of 12:01, tonight.

PAT: Well, Stu gave me a suggestion. Because I was confused what I would do when I came in. What am I going to do? What was your suggestion that I should do? Now, this is in the eventuality, of a government shutdown.

GLENN: Okay. Are you well read enough, to give a recommendation?

STU: I mean, I would be concerned if I was going to be held to some legal standard.

GLENN: Right. Because you're not not an expert.

STU: I'm not an expert. But I was thinking you could continue living your life exactly the same way.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: Oh. Well, that's weird. What about the catastrophe that is -- what about that?

STU: Yeah. You would -- in this particular scenario. It's a fictional scenario, at some level.

GLENN: Okay. You're not a doctor. I think this is dangerous.

STU: What were the things you were going to do?

PAT: Do those things.

STU: The things you weren't going to do, don't do those.

PAT: It's crazy talk.

GLENN: All right. Hang on a second. Here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen, okay? This is from the O and B. The Office of Management & Budget.

And they have now released the contingency plan.

So here's what's going to happen.

Now, please don't panic.

But economic indicators like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs report could -- could be delayed. This month.

PAT: Don't say that.


The federal mediation and conciliation service, which is charged with promoting labor management cooperation.

PAT: They'll still have that, right?

GLENN: Well, yes. Yes.

PAT: Good.

GLENN: However, they would have to cut back in its -- they won't close. But they'll have to cut back in some of the things they do.

And this all amid the strike with the auto workers.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: What are the unions and the -- and the -- you know, the plants going to do? Without federal officials. They'll never be able to do anything.

PAT: No, they won't.

STU: And the thing is, we're so a used to high efficiency from the government. That when you lose that -- society --

PAT: It all goes sideways.

GLENN: Time to throw everyone a bone here, so you don't panic. The Federal Reserve activity will be unaffected. So they can still raise the interest rates on November 1st, no matter what happens.

PAT: Good.

STU: Great.

GLENN: The Federal Trade Commission, however, would stop the vast bulk of its competition and consumer protection investigation.

PAT: You can't be serious.

GLENN: I am serious.

They have -- the vast bulk of them, would just stop.

STU: So some of them would continue?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: But the vast bulk of them -- what percentage does that translate to?

GLENN: Don't know. Vast bulk.

This is from the O&B.

The Security and Exchange Commission, will not review or improve registrations from investment advisers, broker dealers, transfer agents, rating organizations. Investment companies. And municipal advisers.

They're not going to be able to -- if you try to register --

PAT: At the SECC.

GLENN: You won't -- you won't be able to do it.

STU: What is that? For a new fund? Or something? New rating. A two-week process probably?

PAT: What about the FDIC? Do you have information on the FDIC?

GLENN: No, they still do not have all of the -- they're scrambling for this information.

STU: They didn't see this coming.

GLENN: Now, again, to give you some good news.

The IRS has not released this plan for the potential shutdown. However, previous plans have said that the IRS would use funds from Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

STU: Oh, good.

GLENN: To keep employees paid and working.

PAT: Thank heaven.

GLENN: And the union representing the IRS workers are saying, new plans are being discussed, that would involve some furloughs. However, businesses and individuals, who requested that six-month extension for your tax return in April. You will still be required to file by April 16.

PAT: Well, of course, you would.

STU: Yeah. By what date? October 16th. I was going to say, I thought I had more time.

GLENN: Yeah. Emergency relief is going to be a problem. A shutdown would create increased risk, that FEMA, their relief funds, could be depleted.

So there's a risk, that their funds could be depleted. If large additional catastrophic disasters occur. During the shutdown.

STU: Now, of course, they would very easily pass funding for that almost immediately. But still, we should deny that that would happen.

We will deny that any of these people will get their money afterward.

We all know they will retroactively pay off all of this stuff anyway. It will be a vacation for many people.

PAT: They've already done that. For many people. So, yeah. Sure.

GLENN: For those of you concerned about, hey. What about my energy?

What about the environment?

This is what this Draconian shutdown is going to do.

PAT: Thank you, Republicans.

GLENN: The interior department, which does all of the designing for the Capitol building, and the interiors, and pick out the drapes.

Oh, no. Apparently, it doesn't do that. The department of interior, will retain limited discretion to use permits for energy projects on federal lands and waters, when user fees are attached.

So they'll -- they'll retain just limited discretion, to issue those permits. You know, for drilling, and things like that.

PAT: They don't have full discretion.

GLENN: No. Not during a shutdown.

PAT: During a shutdown. Oh, no.

GLENN: A funding lapse would paralyze -- to develop would require environmental analysis for all energy projects. Highways. And other infrastructure.

The EPA, may be able to continue some IRA-funded activities.

As well as other attempted works such as settlement-funded cleanup at some Superfund sites.

PAT: Let's hope that is the case.

GLENN: Now. The White House is warning, most EPA led inspections at hazardous waste sites, as well as drinking water at chemical facilities, it's got to stop.

PAT: Oh, wow.

GLENN: So your drinking water. Could go completely -- it will stop.

PAT: It will turn to mud this weekend.

GLENN: Well, by Sunday. Maybe Monday.

The Energy Information Administration, which publishes snapshots of the US oil inventory.

It will continue to collect and publish data on schedule. But they say, at least initially.

At least initially. Our nuke sites are going to be maintained. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, however, will stop all licensing of new nuclear facilities.

PAT: Oh, there's so many of those going up too.

Because, I mean, we did the last one in 1978. And bang.

GLENN: This is going to stop.

PAT: Well, there's no new ones.

GLENN: But it will stop.

STU: This was the week. This was the week it would happen.

PAT: And now, thanks to you, MAGA Republicans.

GLENN: Right. Now transportation and travel.

Travelers could face delays as air traffic controllers and transportation security administration officers.

PAT: That will continue.

GLENN: Will be working without pay.

PAT: But without pay.

GLENN: Yeah. So people will --

PAT: I mean, they really are not. They will be paid. Just maybe not time.

GLENN: Right. Which is a hassle.

PAT: It is a hassle. I won't deny that.

GLENN: It is a hassle. However, Amtrak, they will keep transporting those 12 passengers. They will just keep going.

PAT: Is Ange going to continue to tell stories, about how many miles Joe Biden has traveled on the train.

Will he be there? Even in death, as he was when he told the story to Joe Biden?

GLENN: I don't know.

Now, passport and Visas will still be issued.

PAT: I thought those would be delayed. But they're not going to?

GLENN: Efforts to defend the nation and conduct ongoing military operations, will continue.

PAT: Right.

STU: That's good.

GLENN: Burials and tours, at Arlington National Cemetery would continue.

STU: Did anybody doubt, they would stop burying the bodies.

They'll just pile up, until we open up the government.

GLENN: COVID-19, response research including vaccine and therapeutic development by the US government will continue.

PAT: Will continue.

GLENN: The National Institute of Health, might have to postpone clinical trials for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's, according to the White House. So this may throw him from solving cancer.

We were so close to him coming through with his promise of curing cancer, but it's the damn Republicans.

STU: We can actually check that at any point. If you go to,

GLENN: Can you check that real quick? We're really close.

STU: Has Joe Biden cured cancer?

No. Cancer still exists as of today.

GLENN: Food stamps for low income people. The disabled, and others could be delayed.

There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for that.

That is just to trot out the downtrodden.

The people that just say, look at what's happening. If the IRS can stay open, food stamps can stay open. Social Security checks will be delivered. Applications for benefits processed. However, people will not be able to verify benefits or replace cards.

Most national parks will be closed. The Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art may close.

PAT: Don't say that.

GLENN: Cemeteries. Monuments. Visitor centers. Worldwide housed under the American Battle Monuments submission, will close.

STU: So are they -- and you said the national parks will close.

That means that many of these open field areas, will -- will not be opened?

GLENN: Yeah. They will -- they will build some fences around those things.

STU: Are they -- we don't seem capable of building fences.

GLENN: They're closed.

But I will tell you, you know they're big on the blue.

They will just be -- I make sure you're out there.

And you enforce that law.

You have somebody coming into the national park.

We don't have bathrooms that are open.

No. What are they going to do, poop in the woods, what kind of animals do you think we are?

PAT: Well, we're animals that poop.

STU: Sometimes -- sometimes that works. At least for many, many centuries.

The Capitol Police will not get paid under this.

PAT: What!

STU: They will -- they will --

PAT: They're under assault again. Just as they were during the insurrection.

STU: By the same people. The extreme MAGA Republicans.

PAT: You're exactly right.

By the same people.

STU: Now they'll get their number later. But for now, they won't get paid.

Except, for them. Unlike thousands and thousands of other federal workers, they actually will still have to do a job.

Most of the federal workers that will get all their money and then not have to do their job for however long this takes.

Which is a terrible, terrible --

GLENN: Just -- I -- I am in. I am in.

I mean, I think we should take a vote, who wants to open it back up?

I think 15 days, to slow the curve of spending. Fifteen days. Let's just do that.

Let's meet again in 15 days. And see if we can open the government up.

STU: We probably --

GLENN: Well, we might. We might.

Fifteen days, to slow the curve of spending.

PAT: And then after that, 30 days are up. After 15, then the 30. We might need another 18 bucks after that.

GLENN: Well, I don't know -- I don't know if the government will survive that.

You know, it may not survive that. Of course, the American people did it for a year.

STU: Yeah, and they don't care about them surviving.

GLENN: No. Nobody really cared about them surviving.

STU: Can I also say too, we talk about these big government cuts that we should do. We think there are things to do, to make the government smaller, and more like it was supposed to be. You know, a limited government.

GLENN: Yeah. We're not talking about any of those, I want you to know.

STU: But maybe we are. You know, haven't they unintentionally identified all the cuts here. Haven't they just said, hey, whatever we're going to just stop doing, the unnecessary parts of the government that can just shut down.

GLENN: You mean those nonessential?

STU: Yeah. The nonessential stuff, we stop doing. And the essential stuff, we stop doing. And we'll go from there. We'll talk about, maybe we need to add this back in. Maybe we can get rid of this other thing.

But isn't that a good starting point? Whatever you say is nonessential, I promise you we should not be doing it.

GLENN: I'm not sure of that. I mean, you know, we're talking about --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah.

We're talking about things like the interior department.

Just having limited discretion to issue permits.

STU: So there will be still issuing permits. But they will have limited vegetation.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing so much permitting. Maybe people should be able to do a lot of the things they want to do.

But if there are certain needs for certain permits. Then the limited permitting might just cover that.

GLENN: Well, you go ahead. While we're all drinking poison by next Wednesday.

Just from our tap, from our homes. While sludge, nuclear waste.

Syringes are pouring out from our kitchen sink.

PAT: So syringes might pour out of our taps?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: How do they get around the curves?

GLENN: Are you an expert?

STU: No.

GLENN: Are you a doctor?

STU: I'm not a doctor.

GLENN: I am. Let's move on. Very dangerous.

Keep going, Republicans. Keep going.

Do not buckle.