How UFOs and 'queer' curriculum in YOUR kid's school relate

The confirmation of UFOs by our Pentagon may be the biggest story of our lifetimes, Glenn says. The technology our military has witnessed within those sightings — whether from another country or another planet — seems to be FAR beyond our current capabilities. So, why then are our kid’s science classes focusing on QUEER curriculum…rather than actual scientific advancements? In this clip, Glenn details a recent seminar — called ‘How To Queer Your Classroom' — held by the National Science Teaching Association...and the details from that seminar are SHOCKING. Can America survive this, while the rest of the world advances?


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GLENN: All right. I want to start here. And believe me, we'll get to school in a second. And we'll see the transition.

A House intelligence subcommittee today, is holding the first congressional hearing on UFOs in 50 years.

Now, I don't know if the world is paying attention to what's happening to the Pentagon and UFOs. But I think it's the biggest story possibly of any of our lifetimes. Maybe, the biggest story of all of human history.

But, let's talk about misgendering. What's happening right now, is the -- Congress has decided to call a hearing on UFOs, because there are things that are hang, that for the very first time, the Navy and our military can actually track these UFOs. In the past, you haven't been able to track them. You've only had pilots that say, I swear to you, I saw this. But they move so quickly. At least the ones now. That they could never lock on to them.

We have locked on to some sort of a ship, with as it's described, no apparent propulsion system. No heat signature. Nothing.

And they are moving at high speed. And we have tracked them. Locked on to them, for weeks at a time. They move in ways, that are beyond our understanding of physics. And we have seen them up close. They seem to be, according to the Pentagon, I can't say targeting.

Observing our nuclear weapons. They have been hovering our -- some of our Navy -- naval bases. They have engaged in dogfights, with our pilots. They have shown that they are way beyond our technology, or understanding.

So you're left with two things. Now that we have verified, we're left with two things.

Are they otherworldly, or is that China, that has developed technology, so far ahead of us, that there's no chance of defeating them.

From what I have discussed with members of the Pentagon, that have been part of this search, they say that they just don't believe that it's China. Because the technology is so far ahead, that it would affect the rest of your society.

There's no way you could develop just that. And not let it bleed in to other things. It's too great of a leap. So we don't think, that it is China. There's also evidence, that we have now collected, that shows that they're the metals that these things are made out of, are otherworldly. They're -- they're alloys, that we have no idea how to make, and we don't recognize some of the metals in the alloy. So Congress is going to ask, are these weather balloons? Is it something else?

Adam Schiff is the guy who is leading this. So I don't expect anything to come from this meeting in Congress, this hearing. Everything that is worthwhile, is going to be confidential. And they want these to be open hearings.

This, in my opinion, is really for those who are paying attention. Or for those who just want a salacious story about UFOs. But we're not really going to get any information, I believe. Now, I want you just to listen, just listen to this. The government has said that UAP. That's UFO approximates. Probably lack a single explanation. Neither classified nor unclassified reports from the government rule out space aliens, but other possible explanations like airborne clutter, like birds or balloons, natural atmospheric phenomena, like ice crystals, highly classified U.S. government programs or foreign adversary systems from Russia, China, or other countries. I don't believe any of those.

But it could be. Let's assume, they say, it's another country. Another nation, or another group, that is operating something that we don't understand. This is according to the Heritage Foundation senior fellow for naval warfare and advanced technology. That's definitely a security threat, that we can't necessarily defend against. Because you can't defend against something that you just don't understand. So we are looking at technology now, that defies the laws of physics.

Now, let me bring it back to school. The national science teaching association has just held a seminar. Remember, we are talking about possible alien life. What are the ramifications of that?

We are also talking about, if it is alien life, what do they want?

Why are they here? Why are they now presenting themselves, and sending a message. This is what the Pentagon says. Sending a message to us. We are beyond your capability of stopping us.

So don't try. The message is very clear, and correct. So if it is aliens. Why are they here? What do we do?

If it's not aliens, somebody has technology here on earth, that is way beyond our understanding. We don't even understand the alloy.

So as we are raising our children, and looking for tomorrow's scientists. The national science teaching association, has just held a seminar calling -- called queer your classroom.

It happened auto April 2nd, instructing teachers on, quote, simple tricks and strategies. To affirm and represent queer students, who are marginalized in science.

This seminar, led by Bronx High School of Science, the chemistry teacher there, Jamie Kubrick.

Who goes by they and he pronouns. Which do not work. You can't be a he and a they. It's not possible. And I would go so far as to say, you can't be a they. But I digress.

He instructed attendees on how to affirm and represent queer identities and make impactful changes, to K through 12 curriculum.

He instructed teachers on the -- on the GLSEN Gender Triangle Education Guide, which defines gender attribution, gender identity, and gender expression. Explaining that there's a common misconception that gender and sex are the same thing. But they're not, according to his presentation slides.

This is put together by GLSEN, a national advocacy organization, which aims to, quote, transform K through 12 schools, into a safe and affirming environment.

Okay. Parents for defending education, say this is just more political activism. I guess. What?

What, are you kidding me? In the presentation, the -- the instructor provided simple strategies, for queering the classroom. Which includes a suggestion that teachers replace any terms or phrases that reinforce the binary, like prom king or prom queen.

Do you see what's happening? Do we have the Michelle Obama quote? Can you pull that up real quick, Sara?

They are charging everything. Just like Michelle Obama said, in 2007.

MICHELLE: And Barack knows, that we're going to have make sacrifices. We're going to have to change our conversation. We're going to have to change our traditions, our history. We're going to have to move into a different place.

GLENN: We have done all of those things. And we're being told now, we have to make sacrifices. We have to make sacrifices. I'm sorry. If you want to fight this war in Ukraine, we're going to have to -- well, cause starvation, all around the world. You're going to have to pay $6 a gallon for gasoline. Because Barack knows, we have to make sacrifices. We have to change the way we talk to each other.

Our conversations. Have we done that?

We have to change our traditions. Have we done that?

Teachers are instructed to ask students for their gender pronouns, rather than assuming gender identity or misgendering with incorrect pronounces. And use terms like everyone, and you all, instead of saying, you guys.

A sample student information survey, included in the slides, asked students for their gender pronouns. If these pronouns can be used front of the class. And which pronouns, the teachers should use, when contacting the family. This is, again, undermining the family. So not only are we taking science and making it all about gender studies. And let me go on. The presentation suggests queer ideology can be implemented into every subject, including history, math, English, Spanish, and science.

The instructor said, in my chemistry class, I've infused talking about gender and sexuality, even when it doesn't seem like it could even fit, or that there would be time. For instance, when we talk about the electromagnetic spectrum, I can connect the word spectrum, to how gender and sexuality, can be a spectrum, so students can understand that there's two ends. But values are possible in between.

We are now facing a world, that -- that is actually on a path, by leaders, for something called transhumanism.

Do you know what transhumanism is?

It is the merging of man and machine. And it will happen, within the next ten years.

We are facing a world of technological change, like the world has never seen. You will not recognize your world, in 2030.

We are looking at a world, that is going to change jobs. You will change what you're doing now. You won't be doing the same thing in 2030. 2035.

Everything is about to change. And we're facing a threat, either from China. Or from space!

And we don't know what it is. And we're having our science teachers, talk about the spectrum. America, this is a recipe for disaster. Pull your students out of school.

If you can't afford -- they're -- let me put it this way. I understand. I really do understand, I didn't want to homeschool my kids. I -- I don't feel qualified for it. My wife doesn't feel qualified for it.

But I'll tell you this, your kids will be better off, even if you're not qualified for it. Than learning this crap.

This crap will sink your kids, and your family. The teacher's unions are currently turning your children against you.

There's no way for America to survive. If they get our kids. And believe me, those both, getting our kids and ensuring America doesn't survive, both of those are goals of the teacher's union.


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