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HYPOCRISY: Someone should tell Drake private planes aren't the best for the environment

Rapper and musician 'Drake' was bragging about his latest purchase, a private plane. As capitalists, we couldn't be more thrilled for him. But he should probably reign it in if he wants to evangelize on behalf of the climate change crowd if he was any credibility.


'God's word changes their hearts': Dan Andros shares pro-life victory after bullying attempts

It's been an ugly week for left-wing lawmaker Brian Sims who proudly posted on social media videos of himself harassing an elderly woman praying in front of an abortion clinic, offering money for doxxing teen pro-lifers, and finally following up with an apology — to Planned Parenthood! Faithwire's Dan Andros joins the radio show to discuss Sim's despicable behavior and update us on today's massive "Pro-Life Rally Against Bullying" in Philly.