No Hillary Clinton penalties for THESE campaign crimes?

In a Friday court filing, Special Counsel John Durham reported that the CIA found Clinton campaign allegations of Donald Trump's coordination with Russia was ‘user-created.’ So, what does THAT mean? Glenn’s Chief Researcher Jason Buttrill joins the show to break it all down: Why isn’t the FBI implicated in this case when it was most DEFINITELY involved? Why does Hillary Clinton CONTINUE to dodge any form of punishment for her crimes? And will the Clinton, Obama, and Biden era go down as the MOST corrupt one in all of American history?!


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GLENN: All right. Let me -- let me turn the topic here, to what Durham said. Because you and I worked closely on the impeachment thing.

And we did the impeachment specials, and everything else. I want to get your opinion. Special council John Durham asserted in court, in a filing on Friday, that the CIA concluded from the Clinton campaign here, Michael Sussmann, allegedly -- alleging coordination between Donald Trump and Russia was, quote, not technically possible.

And it was, quote, user created.

What does that mean?

JASON: User created. So go back to one of the indictments that's already happened. That lawyer. FBI lawyer, Clinesmith. So he was indicted for lying. Basically for drumming up evidence. He changed an email. So that could be -- for the FISA. So this is basically the same thing. User created means the people working for the Clinton campaign. Actually injected and created this damning information so they can get -- so they basically fabricated evidence. And then handed that off to the FBI. Now I think it's really interesting, that the FBI is not being complicated here. They're not saying -- you know, there's no evidence, that the FBI doubted this at all. But, of course, they didn't, right? Because they were all in bed. All go to way to the top, the director. All the way to Andrew McCabe. They were all involved in this. Now we have people from the CIA. We looked into this. And it's obvious. Of course, this was leaked as well.

None of this is real. Making this worse. Injecting false information into this. Now, you and I have done so much digging on this, and recording on this. We all know all the other people that were involved. This is what pisses me off about this. Because who was getting hit with this? A lawyer?

GLENN: Me too. Yeah. Listen to this. In the filing, Durham responded to objections from Sussmann's defense regarding what evidence could be admissible at his trial. Which was scheduled to begin next month. Sussmann was accused of lying to the FBI, saying he was not attending a meeting on behalf of a particular client, when he was actually presenting the information on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. And a technology executive, with whom he had worked. So why isn't the Hillary Clinton campaign in trouble? Why is the lawyer going to be the fall guy? Do you think he did that on -- by himself? Do you think that -- that she was shocked and horrified, when she found out?

JASON: Compare this to like a mob investigation. I'm deep into the motorcycle community. Like a motorcycle gang. Now, how do they go after those two? Specifically, RICO leaders. Right. They use RICO to go after the -- well, why are they doing that with the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself? What?

GLENN: Can I tell you something? There are so many RICO cases out there right now. That should be RICO cases. This is one of them. This is one of them. The Federal Reserve, I think, is a RICO case. It -- ESG --

JASON: Straight up.

GLENN: And what's happening with BlackRock, that's a RICO case. There are so many RICO cases right now. And all they're ever going to do is fish for the small fish. They're never going to go for the big ones.

JASON: Oh, my gosh. Think of all the people who were involved here. Not to mention the FBI. We have people from the DOJ. We know this is fact. People like Bruce Ohr, funneling for all this information, funneling directly to the top. Why aren't they implicated in this? Why is it the lawer? The guy in the middle. He's the guy that accepts it. He's like, fine, if I screw up. And I go to jail. Why is it accepted? Why is it just him? He's the fall guy. We've got a fall guy. Everybody knows he's a fall guy. They won't go after the bigger fish. It's ridiculous.

GLENN: So then, what we've found out on Friday. Do you remember that thing, where they said, they had this computer server, that was pinging, the Russian -- completely made up.

The fact that Donald Trump has a Russian phone with him. And we can track it. It's with him at all times. He can make calls to somebody. We don't know who. But somebody in Russia, any time he wants. And it's with him, at high level meetings. Untrue. Untrue.

The -- the -- the FISA filings, untrue. Proven now, untrue. All of these things, including the Steel dossier. Proven, untrue.

And it all goes back to Hillary Clinton.

And Hillary Clinton's use of the FBI, Justice Department, the NSA. The CIA. All of them. All of them were in on this.

JASON: Yeah. And we know from the -- so from the CIA leaker, that is saying, we knew it was user created. We knew it was bullcrap. The CIA can't get involved. That's the FBI.

The whole point of this, remember. The whole point in the beginning, was just to funnel false information. Get it to the FBI. So that the media can then get that leaked. And say, look. The FBI is looking into this. This is totally dirty, Donald Trump must be a Russian asset. And then public opinion takes it from there. This is election interference is what this is. They never intended, I don't think, to get an indictment from Donald Trump. They wanted public opinion to take it from there. And to tank his campaign. That's what this was all about. Look at the people involved -- the bigwigs of the FBI. Hillary Clinton herself. These are the people we should be looking at. Not a lawyer. All these people, they were the ones who directed it. And facilitating it. I don't care about this lawyer. Sure, he should go down with the rest of them, if he's found guilty of funneling all the --

GLENN: But he's not the guy.

JASON: He's not the guy. He's the guy delivering the message.

GLENN: It's like the justice of Watergate, is not happening.

You know, even with Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden, he'll go down. Most likely, he'll go down. But will his dad? I mean, we have stories that are much -- jeez, who said this in 2008? When it's all said and done, this administration. Meaning, the Clinton, Biden, Obama era will go down as the most corrupt in all of American history. And it is. All of the things that they built at that time, are all -- all those chickens are now coming home to roost. And is anyone, at the highest level going to pay? This is the problem with America. I think most Americans. Republicans and Democrats, independents, we all want the same thing. We all want the bad guys not -- legitimate bad guys to go to jail. I don't care if they're Republicans or Democrats. I don't care.

I want the bad guys to go to jail. And they won't. I mean, the bad guys will get away with it. And I will be there on the front lines. Remember when we started the impeachment thing. And what did I say to you?

We have got to turn over every stone. And if the guy is guilty, he's guilty. Let the chips fall where they may. That's not the way it's done in America anymore. And that makes us just another awful, awful country, that's run, you know, like a banana republic.

JASON: Yeah. You talk about countries like Ukraine or whatever. It seems like they have a corruption officer at the airport. And they'll just kind of pull you into whatever scheme the moment you step off. That's what it felt like we were doing all that research on Ukraine. That was then. Of course, you say that now. And they'll call you a Putin stooge. But pointing out the obvious now is a crime. But how different are we, really? I mean, this is embarrassing. And the entire world is watching this. I mean, we laugh when people like Putin get like 97 percent favorability rating or whatever. Oh, my gosh. That's so stupid.

Look at us. Look at us. I mean, we can't even acknowledge the obvious. We have to let a lawyer go down, for the things that he's being told to do. By the highest echelons of government. With the FBI. The Clinton family. I mean, come on.

I mean, it's -- I highly -- at this point, it's sad to say. I highly doubt anything even happens. I highly doubt it. I think we call it out on our show. The middlemen or the low level people are the ones to go down.

GLENN: Yeah. There's another story. Democrats are now blocking the Republican effort to upload Hunter Biden's laptop into a searchable, digital format into the Congressional Record. It's already been accepted. But are you ready?

Apparently, Jerry Nadler has said, we don't have the technology to upload that into the Congressional Record. And so he wanted everything on paper, so it could be scanned in. But then, that doesn't make it searchable, does it?

So they are now conferring with lawyers, back and forth. It's been accepted.

STU: That's bizarre.

GLENN: Yeah. We just tonight have the technology.

STU: Like, why would a New Yorker have that accent?

That is bizarre.

GLENN: Such a jerk.


Thank you very much, Jason. I appreciate it.


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