Why Putin may be ‘MORE LIKELY’ to use nukes against Ukraine

Author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr knows a little something about Russia. With several published thriller novels that focus on geopolitical issues, he’s certainly done his research. So, he joins Glenn to war-game possible scenarios from the current situation in Ukraine. He explains why Putin’s original drive to invade Ukraine may have been to grow his military; plus, Carr explains the reason why Putin may be ‘a little more likely’ to use nukes: ‘[Russia is] an animal in a corner and it’s fight or flight…they’re in survival.’


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GLENN: All right. Jack Carr is with us. Hello, jack, how are you?

JACK: Great. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate it.

GLENN: You bet. I can't wait. How excited are you for terminal list to come out with, Pratt?

JACK: Well, I'm fired up. Because they could really take your material, and do anything they want with it, which is why they usually like to get rid of the authors right away, yelling, you've ruined my vision.

But having been involved from the get-go, and Amazon was so supportive. And I think we got what all that people talk about, being woke. All that out there. It will be very refreshing for people between New York and Los Angeles. I think we crushed it, and Chris certainly did, Glenn. Maybe Bill Sniper. James Race. Angelon Coop (all phonetic) was the director. I mean, everybody came together. And it is dark, it is gritty, it is violent, it is authentic. And they do not set the bar.

GLENN: What an endorsement. It's dark. It's gritty. It's violent. You're going to love it.

All right. So, Jack, I wanted to have you on. Because something feels wrong with this Russia/Ukraine situation. And it seems like everybody is preparing -- if I were a fiction writer, I would be looking at all of these things that are hang. And I would say, yeah. I'm just doing a little foreshadowing. They're starting to build up for war. They're letting people know. I'm letting the reader know.

It just seems like they're going places, that I don't think would be a good place to go. As a fiction writer, and somebody who lives in this world, and I -- and I love talking to fiction writers, especially about geopolitical things.

Because you can't write things that don't make sense. Because nobody would believe it.

So you have to be based in reality. As a fiction writer. Where do you think we're going?

JACK: Well, if I had written what's actually happening in the world today. Whether it's Russia. Ukraine. The girl from Afghanistan.

Whether it's our own country right here. If I had written these things ten years ago. It wouldn't be a political thriller. It would go into the dystopian category. Perhaps even the science fiction category.

GLENN: Ten years ago, I think if you would have written what's happening today, ten years ago, you would have been laughed at. I mean, nobody would buy the book. And I think people would go, that's ridiculous. It would never happen.

GLENN: Exactly. This could never happen in this country.

This is too unrealistic. That's what the reviews on Amazon would say. But these things are happening. In fact, when we look at just Ukraine and Russia, I mean, it didn't take -- you didn't have to be a genius. You didn't have to be a geopolitical strategist. To look at it.

Apply some common sense, to NATO, Ukraine, and Russia, and predict what was going to happen. My second book, True Believer, I have a -- I have a false flag type of an operation to get Russia to invade Ukraine, as part of the story line.

And I just studied the situation, and needed to figure out how to make that happen. And lo and behold, that has happened. But the research that I did, that really -- you could see that coming, because of the decline of the ethnic Russian population since the end of the Cold War. And really, they could only field an army, up to about 20 -- 2022, and then they were either going to have to invade Ukraine. But then that has the largest population of ethnic Russians, outside of Russia. So for our senior level leaders, not to come to that same conclusion, after looking at it, with a little bit of common sense, is -- it shouldn't be shocking. But it is.

Because we rely on those leaders to make those good, strategic decisions. And they've proven time and time again, they're incapable of doing so.

GLENN: So wait a minute.

So you say, the reason they're having a hard time is, they don't -- they think get more troops. And you're saying, that that's one of the reasons why you think they invaded Ukraine. So they could have ethnic Russians to fight.

JACK: That's right. So just looking at those -- at those numbers, and that's -- you really have two generations of ethnic Russians, being a population that can sustain a military, and in much smaller numbers, past 2022.

So in 2014, Peter Zeihan wrote a book, called The Accidental Superpower, which looks at geography, demographics, in world history, when it comes to the nation states and the world powers.

And that's the conclusion he came to in that book. Which is one of the things I used in that second novel. But there are, of course, supporting factors. But that's a big one.

And that also ties into the nuclear question.

Because if you have someone who believes that their population, their country is not going to be around, in two generations, and they can't even field an army, past right about now. Well, it makes using maybe a taxable nuclear weapon, at least threaten to do so.

But maybe even using it, a little more likely. Because they're an animal in a corner, and it's fight or flight, and it's survival. It's not -- they don't look at it, as an option. As we do, do this. We don't do this. Hey, if we don't do this, we're dead anyway.

So we have to put ourselves in the enemy's shoes, and to anticipate what they're going to do. And we continually do not do that in this country, for whatever reason.

GLENN: I have to tell you, that's some of the best commentary I've heard on what's happening in Ukraine, already. And we've been talking to you, in just a couple of minutes. I haven't heard any of that. I've heard about the lack of military.

But I have no idea that we knew this from the gets go.

So when you have this situation. And you have Putin. I'm sure you've done enough research, just for your own novels. On Putin. And how things work over there.

A couple of questions. First, they think he's sick. May have cancer. They're saying, that maybe he's going under the knife. And will be, you know, under. And they don't know how long he will be incapacitated. If I'm Putin, I'm wondering if I'm going to be safe when they put me out. Or if they might accidentally turn that knob up a little bit.

GLENN: Oh, yes. This was something in the Cold War, that was at the forefront of senior level Russian official's minds, when they had to go under the knife, when they had to be put under. And they had security in those rooms. Not just because of an assassination or something along those lines by doctors. And the CIA payroll. Or arrival in the political or military space. But because coming out of that anesthesia. So when they're coming out of that, there's a certain time period within where you're not lucid. You know what that feels like. You're coming out of that. And, well, maybe a doctor on the CIA payroll can ask you a few questions at that point in time. And filter that back to the CIA. So that was something in the Cold War, that was at the forefront when any of those guys would have to go under the knife for a medical procedure. So I am sure that Putin is thinking about that. And of course, he knows his history betters than we do.

History in Russia. It's not infrequent, when we look at world history.

So I'm sure that he's thinking about that. And surrounding himself with people he thinks are trustworthy, to ensure that he's either not killed during that time frame, or is not asked questions during that time frame about his strategy vis-à-vis Ukraine, or the rest of the world, or his intent to use or not use nuclear weapons.

GLENN: Could you have any idea who would replace him. Let's say he ties on the table.

Do you have any idea?

JACK: I do not. There's always a military leader waiting in the wings, it seems. But who that is, I'm not sure.

And, you know, in these situations, or just when you're looking at authoritarian dictatorships. Orthopedic -- or countries. Like that. Senior level leaders oftentimes are not getting the best information.

Because it is not healthy to bring that bad news to -- to a dictator. Because oftentimes, it's off with your head. Or off to the gulag. It's a strange position to be in. Obviously, with our war in Iraq.

Where he actually did have a capability. That he did not.

And Putin is probably in that same position.

GLENN: Do you -- what do you make of their -- the story -- it came out, I think yesterday. Pictures of what they call the Flying Kremlin. It's a plane, that they haven't seen it in the air, I think since 2010 or 2011.

And it's been flying around Russia. And it is the -- the nuclear plane. Something needs to go on.

You know, air force one. That everything can be run from that plane, in case of a nuclear war.

Do you think that's just telling that --

JACK: Yeah. That seems interesting. I didn't see that story. But oftentimes, these things are done to send a message. And they might -- just to say, hey, we have this capabilities. And to get to us take or not take a certain -- a certain action. So for Putin to say, he's moving nuclear weapons into a certain position. Well, they're probably already there. Or this plane is flying around. If the Russian military. If their capabilities are what we've seen in Ukraine, thus far.

Then we overestimate it, as did a lot of those generals, probably because they didn't want to get their heads lopped off by saying, they weren't as capable as they've been projecting or advertising. But flying a plane like that is probably the same -- the same thing as, hey, we're moving nuclear weapons into a nuclear position. Just in case we need to use them. So that sends a message to the left, to discontinue support of Ukraine, or get us to take a certain action.

GLENN: So how serious do you think this nuke thing is?

I -- you know, we've all grown up, you know, without this fear of nukes. I grew up in the time. You might have too.

Where, you know, we feared what Russia might do. And then it went away. And now, our -- are we really that close to some sort of a nuclear explosion, on -- on earth?

JACK: I mean, the first question is, and I did grow up during the time as well. We thought it was the end of the Cold War. That our main threat now is the proliferation of some of these weapons, going to rotation states. Or super empowered individuals. Or terrorist organizations, or that sort of a thing. But now we're back with a state-on-state, nation-on-nation conflict.

GLENN: Do you think it's serious?

JACK: Well, first the question would have to be, do they have the capabilities?

And the answer to that question is yes. They have about 6,000 both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. Strategic mean they're gigantic and fly towards us.

Tactical means, they use them on the battlefield, a lot smaller. But still huge, when comparing the two. Something like Hiroshima or Nagasaki, something like that.

But we have a lot less. Nuclear weapons, it doesn't really matter. You know, 1,000 here, 1,000 there.

But when we add all of NATO's nuclear weapons and Russia's, it's about the same. Give or take. It's just shy of 6,000, when we add all of the nuclear weapons to Russia's.

But in this case, it's interesting. If they did do something like that, we have this China. That side. So it makes it a lot harder for China to support Russia, if Russia uses even a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield.

So that's an interesting kind of connection here. Because China is right now, Russia's greatest ally. Militarily, trade-wise. And they have -- they have a lot of incentives to stay connected. And using a nuclear weapon would make it a lot more difficult.

GLENN: We're talking to Jack Carr, the fiction writer, the author of In The Blood, which is out right now.

Also one of his other books, The Terminal List is coming out soon, on Netflix.

As a -- as a series, with Chris Pratt. We'll continue our conversation here, in 60 seconds.


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GLENN: So I just want to war game one more thing with you.

And that is China. You know, I was just reading something. I can't remember where I read it this morning.

But some analysis that -- that the American dollar is going to lose its reserve currency status. You know, in the -- in the coming days, months, years. Whenever.

And China is making a move, to basically have a -- a multi--- or bipolar-powered world.

If we -- Japan looks like it's falling apart, economically.

We're not doing so great. Europe is not doing so great. There's a war going on. If this thing spirals out of control, what's to stop China from taking Taiwan, and then just gobbling the world?

JACK: Right. So they're obviously looking very closely at what was going to happen with Ukraine and Russia. That that didn't happen as fast as most of our strategic level thinkers, leaders, talking heads, anticipated, which was about three, four days. Russia is going to roll through Ukraine. And a lot of that is due to Zelinsky. And I'm still curious as to why Russia did not decapitate that government ahead of time. Take out the leader first. And I think it's because they thought, oh, this was just an actor, like Ronald Reagan, before -- as he first started into politics.

And they just -- they just counted how he could galvanize both his country, and the world, against Russia. So I think that was a strategic level mistake. And they should have anticipated that one.

And we thought the same thing. We offered him refuge. We said, we'll take you out of the country. The way that was asked. And the way that was talked about. It was so casual. It seems as though, we thought, oh, for sure, the leader of the country, will pick up and go. And Russia probably thought the same went thing.

But that did not happen. And now we have the situation we have now. It's actually a war of attrition. And we'll see how that -- how that ends up.

But China and currency, that is a major play here. And a major component of this. That no one is talking about. So I'm glad you are. And China can look at things obviously. They look in decades. They look in centuries. We look at things in a four-year election cycle. Maybe eight years for the real deep thinkers among us. But China can take a breath. And they can see what happened in Ukraine. They can take a breath on Taiwan. And they can -- and they can look at this long-term. And that is the advantages, that they have over us. They have their problems too. They have population problems. One-child policy and coming to fruition. They have lockdowns. Mandates.

A lot of issues to deal with as well, internally. But they can deal with those issues, and take a breath on the strategic front, because we're doing a pretty good job of destroying ourselves from the inside right now. So A little strategic patience on their part really plays into their hands.

GLENN: Talking to Jack Carr.

The author of In the Blood. And The Terminal List, which is coming out on Netflix soon.

I own the Paramount Studios here in Dallas. It was an old movie lot, back in the '80s. And I have some of -- I have an old ship, that was used in a mini-series back in the '80s. And it was Winds of War. You're really now in the best time to be a writer. Because now these movies can be made in episodes. And they don't bastardize the book usually.

JACK: Wow. That's amazing that you have. And I've been there in Chad Prather's show. And I've been there. It was amazing.

GLENN: Let me know next time you're here. I'll take you on a tour. And show you the school stuff that you have.

JACK: Thank you. You have a lot of amazing things there. And that's an incredible book. And if more people read that and willing to remember that, that was their gateway into non-fiction. Studying history. Hopefully a finals lesson going forward in wisdom, we would all be in a better place.

GLENN: Jack Carr, In the Blood is out right now. And coming soon, The Terminal List to Netflix. Please, Jack, let me know next time you're in town. I would love to take you on a quick tour.

God bless you.

Did Biden Have a Senior Moment In Front of G7 World Leaders?

Did Biden Have a Senior Moment In Front of G7 World Leaders?

President Biden's appearance at the G7 summit is turning heads. One video that went viral on social media shows a dazed-looking Biden moving incredibly slowly while watching parachuters, and the Prime Minister of Italy even had to help him. Glenn reviews this senior moment, as well as some of the other ones Biden has had just in the past week! Plus, Glenn reviews Biden's latest announcements about sending even more taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Good thing the G7 you summit where all of the big leaders get together and, you know, have a powwow and talk about, what we're going to do to cause some more war and higher inflation!

They got together, and they were watching a -- just a fantastic skydiving event. That was done for -- for them. Now, remember, I just -- just remember, these are the ones that are always saying, global warming! Global warming!

So not only did they fly over in their own planes, to get together. But then, they sent an airplane up with people in it, to jump out, for their entertainment.

So I'm taking them seriously. But they're all standing there on an open field, watching these guys come down, except for -- except for Joe Biden.

He watches for a while. And then he decides, eh. Squirrel.

And he starts to meander and walk away from. And it's -- it's incredible footage to watch.

Because you can see none of the prime ministers or presidents, know what to do. As he just wanders off. He's facing the wrong direction.

And you see Prime Minister Maloney from Italy, she's the only one that gracefully knows how to get him out. She kind of backs out. And then grabs him. Like over here. We have cookies.

Who wants a cookie?

Look at cookies. Say cookie.

It is -- it is horrifying how bad he is.

And then he puts his glasses on, at twice the speed that it takes for him to sit down at ceremonies.

I don't know if you remember that footage, from earlier this week. Last weekend, where he was trying to sit down. Looked like he crapped his pants. He didn't crap his pants.

He was just deciding, should I sit down?

Or not? Maybe I should stand. Okay?

That's what was going true his head. He must know whether he was -- he started to sit town. Then he was like, oh, nobody else is.

You just stand up, man. You just stand back up. It's no big deal. We've all done it.

But he just froze. Like, I'm thinking.

When he's putting his sunglasses on, he's like, I have to lift my arm.

The pressure on my gun glasses enough, to keep them held up, so I can put them on now on my face over my ears. Done.

What do they -- honestly, what do they Jack him up with?

Because they've got to Jack him up with something.

Because there's no way. That's not the guy who speaks to us in like major interviews.

Or when he believes in to address empress, for the State of the Union. He's like, hey, man.

I have to tell you, everything is going great. I mean, save our economy is great. I don't know what they're putting him on, but that ain't Joe Biden. Yeah, shocking. Shocking.

JASON: The difference is shocking. In the interviews, he's with it. But when he gets on a stage. Maybe he's just allergic to stages. I don't really know what it is.

GLENN: Or in this case, it's a field.

JASON: Field. Yeah. It's that -- remember that, when he was just -- when he got stuck in that one facial expression!

When he was -- what was that event at the White House or whatever? For Juneteenth. It was stuck. It was like everything just stopped.

GLENN: Yeah. Can you play that?

Do we have that video from earlier this week? I'm not sure we still have that.

But that video from him from the Juneteenth celebration, that happened actually the last weekend. The weekend before was, I'm going to sit -- so it's once a week, we're getting these major things.

And he was standing at Juneteenth. And everybody was moving with the music and everything else.

That he had joker smile on him.

Go ahead and roll that, will you?

He had this joker smile on his face. No. That's not it.

That's another great one too. He has this joker smile on him, that doesn't move.

He's like, I -- I am happy to be here. And everybody is happy. Jill told me to keep smiling. So I'm smiling. I'm smiling.

That's all I'm doing. Smile. Smile. Smile. She didn't tell me to move.

And smile. I'm just smiling. And not moving.

JASON: That's just creepy.

GLENN: It is creepy. He is -- you know who looks more LifeLock?

The audio-animatronic Joe Biden. It will be one in Disney, that's like, man, they nailed him! They didn't get better. He just always looks like he's an audio-animatronic.

JASON: Yeah. I don't want to guess what might be wrong with him.

But my father had lupus. And he would have like little micro strokes.

And it just, all of a sudden, he would just check out. He would kind of stop and kind of gaze. And what he was doing, he was having micro strokes. And that is eerily similar from what I saw from him.

GLENN: Well, this is -- one of my daughters, you know, Mary, she has not significant strokes.

Or, significant seizures.

And this -- this really cutting edge procedure, that I wouldn't have done.

She chose to do it.

I would have been too afraid.

Because they said to her. You may wake up. And you may not recognize anybody.

You may not be able to speak. Or know people's names.

I mean, we don't know what we're doing here.

But we think we know what we're doing. But we don't. And brave girl, she was like, do it!

I don't want to live like this anymore.

Just do it.

So they did. And she was seizure free, for about two years.

And now they've come back. Pretty hard.

And hers are really getting grand mal-ish.

My other daughter has a seizure, where she is like Joe Biden, but just a very short period of time.

Where she's like, and you're like, hello!



And we didn't for a long time. Didn't know they were seizures. Probably like your dad. We didn't know.

Just thought he drifted for a minute.

And, yeah, but that's not.

I think he's just gone. I think he's just gone. Here's Biden yesterday, promising Ukraine, a lot more money! Great.

BIDEN: By the way, the idea that we had to wait until we passed the legislation overall, maybe held up by a small majority of our Republican colleagues, is just terrible. And there's a lot more money --

GLENN: Can you stop? Can you stop?

Play that again. I want you to listen to what the president of the United States just said. Listen again.

BIDEN: By the way, the idea that we had to wait until we passed the legislation overall, held up by a small majority of our Republican colleagues.

GLENN: Stop!

The idea that we had to wait, for Congress to pass this, before we could do it, is just horrible.

That's the constitutional process, dude!

He's complaining that you have to wait before you spend money on something that's controversial!

What is that?

That's the cry of a dictator. Now, you can say, because of our system, we had to wait.

And, you know, it's just the way -- you know, a republic, and a democracy, it's not pretty all the time. As Churchill said. It's the worst, until you compare it to everything else.

And then you realize, it's the best. It's the best of the worst.

You know, sorry we had to delay on that. But we have certain things that we have to do.

But the money is there now.

No! He's saying the very idea that we had to wait. Do you know that famous speech from FDR?

A date that will live in infamy?

Do you know what that speech was? That speech was for the president to make that case in front of Congress, to go to war!

There was never a clearer at least, you know, in the last 100 years. There's no clearer declaration of war, than bombing Pearl Harbor. Right?

Bombing all of our ships.

Today, we would have just launched!

The president back then. This is how far we've drifted.

The president back then, even after Pearl Harbor, went the very next day to Congress.

And gave that speech. And then they voted. The very idea that we have to vote on things in Congress. I've done everything I can to make Congress and the Constitution just, you know, a rubber stamp.

But I'm not there yet. So let me promise you, that there's a lot more money coming. Oh, my gosh.

JASON: That's an interesting point you make.

I caught him do this in the past. These very fundamental beliefs in the past. They clearly just do not believe in.

Like, every time he threatens us with the F-15 remark that he said about 60,000 times. I never really got annoyed that it was a threat.

I never really took it that way. What really annoyed me, was he is making fun of the fundamental, you know, right of self-defense, that we have in this country.

The fundamental right, that if there ever becomes a tyrant, you have the tools to stand up and push back, and say no.

You have that right to put -- go ahead.

GLENN: You not only have the right, as it says in the Declaration of Independence. You have the duty, to overthrow the shackles of a tyrant.


GLENN: And you're right. But, Jason, as somebody who was in Afghanistan, right after 9/11, I don't know.

Those F-15s. Everything that we -- everything that we threw at them. They're still in charge of Afghanistan, aren't they?

JASON: Yeah. I don't think F-15s help them out too much.

Neither do the Northern Vietnamese.

History is full of insurgencies that have been successful. You know, on this Ukraine funding thing, we've done multiple different shows on some of this stuff.

And what will shock you. If you just kind of look and try to trace some of these funds.

Whether they're coming from Congress, or some other agency within this government.

It is everywhere!

Like, just look at the news. You'll look, it's like, oh, Secretary Blinken was in Ukraine yesterday.

He promised 200 million. Yeah. Where did that come from?

Congress did not approve that.

GLENN: That's the -- that's the chevron case. That's the chevron case.

They can't do that! Only Congress has the purse strings. Only Congress can issue more spending. It must start in Congress.

We've completely disregarded the Constitution.

It's not only hanging from a thread.

I think the thread is so frayed that it's broken. And we're not even using it at all. Or we're the closing that we've ever been to absolutely destroying everything that everybody worked and died. Died for.

Anyway, so he's promising more money. A

But don't worry the experts get it.

Here is Janet Yellen, telling us that, you know, you just don't get it. You don't understand. We're smarter than you. Cut nine.

VOICE: All Americans, both those who are well-off.

And those at the bottom. Of the income distribution. They're better off. Their wages have risen more than prices.

GLENN: Okay. All right. Good is bad. Bad is good.

Up is down, down is up.

And prices are down. And your wages are up. So everybody knows this.

America, can you afford to be led by these people, another four years?

Can You AFFORD Another Four Years of Biden?

Can You AFFORD Another Four Years of Biden?

Inflation continues to rise, housing prices are insane, and our government continues to spend, spend, spend! Meanwhile, the American people are hurting. And what is the Biden administration and mainstream media saying? Everything’s fine! And everything that isn’t fine is somehow Trump’s fault…even after 4 years. Glenn wants you to ask yourself one question before the 2024 election: Can you AFFORD another 4 years of this?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Record prices now, gold, coffee, copper, cocoa. You look at the news, in our show prep today.

They talk about, well, you know, the fed says they've got this under control. Maybe it looks like they don't. No. You know who the fed looks like doesn't have under control, is the spending under the United States government.

The United States government is printing $1 trillion every 100 days. $1 trillion every 100 days. Just put that in your pipe and smoke it, for a minute. What do you think will happen for inflation. When they're dumping 100 trillion -- I'm sorry. $1 trillion into the economy every 100 days. Of course, we will have inflation!

It's only going to get worse! But, you know, it's so amazing, that we -- we keep looking for answers, from the people who caused the problem.

You know, people still look at the New York Times and go, oh, you know, the New York Times. Well, what are they saying?

What do you mean, what do they say? How does the New York Times have any credibility at this point?

They were, you know, leading the way. They still can't admit the Hunter Biden thing.

They still can't admit it.

How? How? How?

You know, you're -- you're -- you were peddling the nonsense that that was Russian disinformation. And up the even offended by it, when you found out, that that wasn't true.

You weren't even offended. You didn't ask the people who told you, you know, in the Intel industry.

You didn't say, hey, dude, you really led me astray on this one.

How did these people have any credibility?

PAT: The New York Times best-seller list? How about that? How about the -- the Economist just did a story on how conservatives are short-changed by the New York Times best-seller list.

Of course, this is something you've been going through for decades now. We've known about this for a long time.

And it's a much worse problem than the Economist even knows. They say that their analysis found that books published by conservative printing houses are 7 percent less likely to make it on to the New York Times weekly best-seller list. It's a lot worse than that.

GLENN: It's a lot worse than that.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: I mean, I said this example earlier. That my last book, which was not The Great Reset. It was Dark Future.

When Dark Future came out, we sold twice the number of books. I think it was Dark Future. It might have been Great Reset. I can't remember.

Twice the number of books, as the author that was given the number one status. And it used to be that they would hold you out of the number one slot.

You know, they might make you two or three, if it was even close. But if it was that different, in the old days. You would still get the number one spot.

Now, I went from double the sales, of the people they put in, at number one. And I made 15th on the list.

PAT: I mean, how did they justify that? That's crazy.

GLENN: Their own algorithms. Their own algorithms.

PAT: Yeah. Don't they wait to certain bookstores more than others?

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: Independent bookstores, but that's not enough to do what happened there.

That's just not enough.

You know, they have their own agenda. And that's fine. I just wish they would be open about it, you know what I mean?

Stop lying to people and saying, that that is -- BookScan is the real number one, number two, number three.

You know what I mean? It just scans the books that are sold. Still however, you know, sold, you know, through the traditional things. For instance, I don't care about this anymore.

And we are doing everything we can, with Mercury Inc. To print and distribute ourselves.

And we still can't get away from a big publishing house, distributing, because it's just -- it's almost a monopoly. At this point.

You just don't have the ability to distribute into bookstores.

And then Amazon, takes 50 percent. I mean, did you do 50 percent of the work, Amazon? Really?

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: I just don't find that reasonable, at all. But they're Amazon. So we're selling, my latest book, Chasing Embers through Which will not go through BookScan. Will not do any of this stuff.

PAT: So it won't be logged by the New York Times.

GLENN: No. It won't be logged by the New York Times or anybody. Because we're not a part of BookScan, so -- and I don't care.

I really don't care. I want to -- I'm tired of putting my money and my effort, and then putting it into institutions, that are trying to kill us.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Do you remember, Pat, when we used to go on tour? Bookstores. And how many hostile bookstores we would walk into, that just found me despicable?

PAT: Yeah. Most of them.

GLENN: But they did it, because they knew they would sell a lot of books. Just tired of it.

Don't have to do it. Don't have to do it.

PAT: It's interesting. Because in this economist article. They say that leading conservative authors like you and Bill O'Reilly.

Are frequently listed on the New York Times best-seller non-fiction list.

But less prominent writers have a more difficult time making the cut.

And like you just explained though. While you're on the list.

You're not where you should be on the list.

It's not accurate. Because they fudge even those numbers.

GLENN: Yeah. So you know. Because you probably think this is a lot of wining about trophies. It's not.

The New York Times. If you get on the top ten New York Times, then your book is automatically put in every airport. It's automatically put in the front of the stores.

Otherwise, it just kind of languishes on a back shelf someplace. So -- and that's what they want. That's why they don't put. You know, that's why, The Great Reset and Dark Future, could not be a top ten best-seller. It had to be 15.

It could not be a top ten. Why?

Because then it would get the exposure that they must want it to have.

So it's not -- by the New York Times doing this, it's not about money. And it's not bragging rights. It is -- it is about exposure and having your book placed in places like airports, where people go in to buy a book. And they're going to go take a flight or take a vacation.

And they will see your book. They will carry ten. The top best-sellers. And if you're not in that, you're not seen. So you don't get discovered.

That's the problem. And nobody is really -- nobody has really articulated that. They make it seem like it's, I don't know, it's petty.

I want to be a top -- top ten, New York Times best-seller list. Because that says something about me. That says nothing about anybody.

Let's see, California's minimum wage, the 20-dollar minimum wage, for fast food workers.

Yeah. Kind of putting people out of business. First of all, McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, hyped prices to offset the higher cost.

Who would have seen that come? I mean, how many times does it take before people understand basic economics?

The price of the goods or service, goes up, when it costs the company, that is providing those goods and services, when it costs more to get that to you. They raise the price.

That's the way business works. Communism, doesn't work that way. Communism, it just -- they just do what they want to do. And price doesn't matter.

And that's why you have crappy stuff. You have crappy distribution.

And supermarkets, that, you know -- I would feel safer, I would feel safer in the streets, in eating the food off the streets in China. Than I would in -- in Venezuela.

In the grocery store.

PAT: It's a really hard decision too, for a lot of small businesses. I have a small business, and when the price of the ingredients goes up, for a while, you just eat that cost. You know, and then eventually, you can't any longer. You can't.

GLENN: I know.

PAT: When butter goes from $70 for the -- in the volume that we buy it in, from $70 to 143, then eventually, that price is going to go up. You know, it's crazy.

GLENN: Jeez. Well, it's the same thing. We talked about this at the Blaze all the time. You know me, Pat. I hate -- because I grew up in radio, which was free. I hate charging for stuff.

I would so gladly go on tour. And not make a dime.

You know, if -- if I didn't have to pay the money. I wouldn't charge people to come in.

And I'm always arguing, can we get the price lower? Can we get the price lower?

Because I remember, and so do you. What it's like, when you are on the edge.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: And I don't want to -- I hope to God, I'm not there, again.

But there's a chance that all of us are there again. And it -- it kills me. It just kills me. And I think that the owners of stores and makers of products, that actually see the end user. Like, I don't think -- Nike doesn't care.

You know what I mean? They don't care. There are companies that actually care, about the end user. And think about them.

We're one of those people. And every time we're -- I mean, we -- we pay above industry standard, in -- at the Blaze. Okay?

We're either competitive, or just above industry standard. Well, you can't live on industry standard now!

But what do you do?

You keep raising it, so everybody. And then not raising the price. And then if you raise the price. Then the customers can't afford it. And it goes away. And the whole thing.

This is what every business is going through right now.

And, you know, I really -- I will be -- I will absolutely be convinced that this is a fraudulent election.

If for the first time, in history, the -- the economy extent play the major role.

Look at -- can America survive another four years? Can you survive another four years, going down this road?

Can you afford it? Just, let's ask that. Can Americans afford another four years.

Because everything is going up. You're not able to buy a house. You're not able to get a loan on anything that is reasonable. And it's only going to get much, much worse.

And I don't know if you saw the jobs report yesterday.

So in the jobs report, the -- the fed chief, Powell came out and said, yeah. These. These jobs reports.

The books are being cooked a bit.

Wait. What?

All of the jobs that have been created, are part-time jobs.

And I shouldn't say all. The vast majority, are part-time jobs. And almost no American citizens are getting the jobs, that are actually being reported as being created.

It's almost all illegal aliens now.

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: I mean, you know, you them, well, it was a pretty good jobs report. Yeah, for illegal aliens.

Can you afford another four years of this?

3-Pronged ATTACK: Globalists’ Plan to END SOVEREIGNTY Revealed | Ep 358

3-Pronged ATTACK: Globalists’ Plan to END SOVEREIGNTY Revealed | Ep 358

The largest globalist power grab IN HISTORY is currently underway, thanks to the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the European Union. It’s all going down as political chaos rocks Europe: Right-wing factions are beating their globalist counterparts in elections in France, Germany, and Belgium. The elites have pushed too far on food and energy regulation, unfettered immigration, and spending, and the people are rising up. But we can’t let these "wins" distract us, because there still remains a long battle for freedom ahead. Glenn reveals documents that show how the new world order currently is taking steps to extend its control beyond the European Union ... all before the 2024 presidential election. This September, during the United Nations' annual meeting, member states are expected to sign a "Pact for the Future.” It started during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been in development ever since. The pact is expected to include a U.N. Emergency Platform that would essentially give the U.N. secretary general incredible authority to control a future "crisis," which he himself can effectively declare. But don’t Americans have constitutional laws in place to protect our sovereignty? Justin Haskins, coauthor of “The Great Reset” and “Dark Future,” warns that the Biden administration has already said it supports these globalist plans. And to make matters worse, the EU just formally passed a mandatory, global ESG system that will drastically affect U.S. businesses. He says this is now one of the biggest threats to freedom in America unless Congress and the president act NOW.

Why Does Michigan Have MORE Registered Voters Than Citizens?!

Why Does Michigan Have MORE Registered Voters Than Citizens?!

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales has uncovered some massive issues with Michigan’s voting system ahead of the 2024 election. For starters, Michigan’s George Soros-funded Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, tried to allow the state to count ballots received after election day. She has also championed a measure that would allow same-day registration without a photo ID. What could possibly go wrong when there’s ZERO verification, Sara and Glenn say! To make matters worse, the state has also expanded mail-in voting. And the icing on the cake? 105% of the state’s population is registered to vote! Gee, how could that have happened?

But that’s just the beginning of what Sara and the Blaze Originals team discovered. It’s all exposed in the new documentary, “Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen,” available NOW at


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Blaze TV host of Sara Gonzales unfiltered. It was really hard. We started with the name. And then we were like. We have to have to find Sara Gonzales to be able to do this show. We might have thought about doing it a different way. We found her. And she is perfect.

She is the perfect Sara Gonzales host unfiltered.

Sarah, welcome to the program. How are you?

SARA: Thank you. I'm good. I consider that job security. You won't find another Sara Gonzales.

GLENN: Yeah. We looked. We looked. So, anyway, you're doing another Blaze original. We've all been doing this. This is episode five. The documentary has been called voter fraud exposed, how elections can be stolen. I have to tell you, I saw a rough cut of it. I don't even know, a couple weeks ago.

Oh, my gosh, Sara. Oh, my gosh. Just Michigan alone, is -- I mean, you sat down with the woman who was the secretary of state, right?

SARA: Yes. Yeah.

GLENN: I believe she was replaced by secretary of state. A part of the George Soros thing.

SARA: Correct. Correct. Yes. Jocelyn Benson, yes.

GLENN: Uh-huh. And give people a clue, on just Michigan.

SARA: So, yes. In 2018, Jocelyn Benson replaced Ruth Johnson. Ruth Johnson was a Republican, who more importantly was interested in doing the right thing when it came to protecting the voter rolls. And keeping them secure and fresh. You know, dated. Or, I should say, not outdated. And so what Jocelyn Benson did, she is as you pointed out, Soros-funded.

She is former SPLC, just to give you an idea of who she is and what she's about. Yeah, and so she is one of these --

GLENN: Wow, in case you don't know that. That's Southern Poverty Law Center, which is the worst of the worst.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: Okay. Go ahead.

SARA: So she is part of the Secretary of State project that George Soros is funding. So she comes into the state of Michigan.

And she tries to allow Michigan to count ballots that were received after Election Day. She was luckily sued. And lost that battle.

But since then. We've had ballot referendums, that you can have.

Same day registration. Same day registration. And you can register without showing a photo ID in the state of Michigan. And your vote counts.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

WILFRED: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: I mean, you need a photo ID for anything.

SARA: Everything. Everything.

GLENN: Except for the most important thing that a citizen can do.

SARA: Right. Right. And, well, we point out in the documentary. It's like, if I were not just in the state of Michigan. But I would imagine, most other states and cities. If you go to your local library.

You can't get a library card without showing your ID. It is insane. That you shouldn't have to show your ID. In order to participate in the voting process.

And, by the way, this is something else we point out. It's like almost 80 percent of Americans, both left and right agree that you should have to show a photo ID in order to vote. This is not a partisan thing.

GLENN: I go down the street, from our ranch. There's a big lake across the street.

And I have to go about, I don't know. 5 miles to this little -- great little kind of general store.

I had to get a -- I had to get a fishing license.

I needed ID.

Everybody in there, knows who I am. I needed ID, to be able to get a fishing license!

PAT: Did you guys see Texas Representative Wesley Hunt talk about this yesterday?


PAT: It's brilliant. He shows all of his government-issued -- he's black. He shows all of his government-issued IDs, including a driver's license and, you know, a passport. And he's got like six different forms of ID. Showing how insulting it is. That the left is saying that blacks don't have ID. It's ridiculous.

SARA: Well, this will give you kind of a clue as to how sinister this initiative is, is that Republicans in the state of Michigan, actually they had a bill that they passed. That was going to expand and allow free photo ID for people. So there would be no excuse to say, well, it's too expensive. And, you know, the idea is that minorities can't afford it. Which is inherently racist.

PAT: And we've been told, they don't know where the DMV is.

SARA: Which again seems a little racist to assume. So Governor Gretchen Whitmer actually vetoed that bill, but just to give you an idea of where -- what possible reason, as our friend Steve Deace likes to say. What is the innocent, benign explanation for vetoing such legislation? There isn't one.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So they -- they can't even now, because of this new legislation, they can't even ask for ID.

SARA: Uh-huh. Correct.

GLENN: So you go in, right? To the voting booth.

You want to go into the voting booth.

You go in, and you say, my name is Glenn Beck.

And, you know, they'll probably. Maybe. I don't know. Do they ask for an address?

And they look you up if you're on the roles. Or in the case of Michigan. You can now just register. You can go in, and say, I'm not registered.

I want to register right now.

But none of it is hooked up to the internet. So they can't verify anything.

SARA: Right.

GLENN: So you can go ahead and register. And get a ballot and vote.

PAT: What could go wrong?

GLENN: What could possibly go wrong?

SARA: And it's always from the left, who claims that they care so much about democracy. Which is just so laughable at this point.

Not that we have a democracy, but if you did care about democracy. And you did care, you know, about the state of your country. You would want election integrity and security. That would be at the top of your list. And instead, you know, they're trying to -- in the state of Michigan, again, I will go back to the state of Michigan again.

In the state of Michigan, they now have a constitutional right to vote by mail. I mean, you are talking about such an outdated system. I think France banned it in like 1975. France uses paper.

All of these other First World countries. Civilized countries have decided that mail-in voting is terrible, a horrible way of doing things.

We have -- Jimmy Carter coauthored a bipartisan report that said, we can't have mail-in voting because it makes it more likely to -- you know, to have fraud and all sorts. This was something that we all agreed upon, decades ago. And now all of a sudden, there are states that are run by these left-wing secretary of state, you know, secretaries of state. And they are going in and changing the system to allow these types of things.

GLENN: Let me ask you. Let me ask the average -- the average person. You're driving in your car. And you hear about Glenn's bank.

Say that you knew a Glenn that had any kind of credibility at all. Glenn's bank.

Yeah. And we invite you in, to put your money in our bank.

And we will make it easy for you to write checks.

We will make it easy for you to come in. Withdraw your money.

We're never going to ask you for ID.

Would you put your money in that bank?

SARA: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

GLENN: Right! So why would we do this with elections?

On anything.

On anything. It's crazy.

So give me some white pill news. Can you?

SARA: Yeah. I think so. Everyone will see. When they go and watch these new Blaze originals. That they can go watch right now. They will see some hope in the sense that there are organizations, that are working around the clock to prevent these types of things from happening.

They are largely successful. And the courts, one of them is, of course, PILF. The Public Interest Legal Foundation. I spoke with them. They are suing the crap out of these states and out of these secretaries of states, who are engaging in this business.

They are suing about the -- you know, all of the dead people on the voter rolls in the state of Michigan.

The RNC is now suing the state of Michigan, for the -- you know, why it's that there's 105 percent of Michigan population, that's currently registered to vote.

And, you know, I'm not great at math.

But I'm good enough to know, that there's something a little bit wrong with that.

GLENN: Right. Go ahead.

GLENN: It's hard to have 105 percent of anything. I'm going to have 105 percent of that pie over there. Wow. That's a skill.

SARA: Right. Right stop, you know, in talking to these experts. They say, vote. Don't be discouraged and not vote. Because we can still blow them out. We can still overwhelm the system.

And we should. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Knowledge is power. I mean, we are exposing these people for what they're doing. And the more exposure that we can give them. The less likely it is, that they are able to just commit this in broad daylight.

And like I said, we have these -- these legal foundations, who are suing these states. And in most cases, in a lot of cases. They are largely successful in that.

So if secretary of state Benson isn't going to remove dead people from their voter rolls, until the courts force her to.

Well, you know what, at the end of the day, she will still will be forced to remove these people. So we are making moves. We have organizations that are tackling this.

We have to expose this, for what it really is.

GLENN: I will tell you, I think that there is a -- a good chance that a random slide does happen.

I mean, I -- I just can't imagine going into the booth, and you being a Democrat.

And pulling the lever for more of this. And saying, yeah. I want. And I think Joe Biden. Is the guy to trust with possible World War III.

I think he's got the economy right.

I think, you know, all of the things that he's done. You might pull it for RFK Y. Or Trump.

But, I mean, cannot see people voting for him.

And -- and honestly, when people ask themselves. Am I -- am I -- was I better off four years ago?

Like a lot better off?

The answer is yes!

And we have always asked, I wish somebody would just run this place like a business.

Well, that's what Donald Trump was doing. And look at the results until COVID happened.

So go out and vote.

I think if everybody. They're going to try to plaque pill you.

But if -- if you don't listen to that. And you go out and vote. I think the numbers will be overing. But what do I know.

SARA: Well, I would tell you this, Glenn. There are certain states that have already passed election integrity and voter security laws. And so states like Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida. I mean, the more states that are passing these voter integrity laws, which I know the left will tell you is racist.

And they'll tell you, they are not allowing you to drink water in line, and all of these other lies.

The fact of the matter is, are these states making elections more secure. And we can have other states follow suit in that.

GLENN: All right. Blaze original. Episode number five.

Voter fraud exposed. How elections can be stolen. It's a new doc. And it's out now. If you're Blaze TV subscriber. If you're not, go to And what is the promo code? Is it voter fraud?

SARA: Voter fraud, yes.

GLENN: Voter fraud. And you can watch it now. On Blaze TV. Sara, thank you so much.