Has Glenn changed his stance on boycotts?

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Glenn called the Salt Lake City Tribune’s wild accusations against him ‘one of the most irresponsible things I have ever, ever witnessed.’ in media. Out of all the smears that have been thrown at Glenn, this one stands out – but the paper’s reaction to this blatant mistake is even more outrageous than the article itself. The whole situation has made Glenn reconsider his longstanding opposition to boycotts.

In the past, when Glenn has strongly disagreed with a company he has always chosen to create something in order to replace it. Back in 2011, Levi’s announced that they were the “uniform of progress”. Glenn wasn’t happy, but he chose to spend his money on creating something new – 1791 Jeans. Those jeans were offering a high quality jean, much like Levi’s was doing, but they were Made in the USA and represented the values of freedom and liberty over progressivism.

Today, Glenn was presented with a similar issue. The Salt Lake Tribune has demonstrated a complete and total disregard for the truth. One of their readers submitted a piece of commentary that impiled Glenn is a Nazi sympathizer because he displayed pieces from World War 2 era Germany at the Independence Museum, which displayed the history of America and emphasized periods of light and dark over the past few centuries. The paper decided to publish the piece on their website despite factual errors, including inaccurate information on the name of the venue and the event.

The author also grossly mischaracterized the museum and Glenn’s intent when she said I can’t help wondering what prompted Beck to collect such macabre objects and include them among his personal belongings. What are the virtues of owning Göring’s love letters, Hitler’s signature or a few drops of his blood? Surely, harboring such items adheres to a personality cult and suggests a sympathizer rather than a critic.”

Glenn explained in the weeks leading up to the event that the museum was intended to show the points of light and dark in history and the importance of faith to American history.

Pat and Stu, alongside many readers, have pointed out the inaccuracies of the piece to the Salt Lake Tribune, a Salt Lake City paper that saw enough merit in the article to publish it for the public. In response, the paper has chosen to simply say it was an opinion piece:

How does Glenn respond to a company that has given up on the values of it’s profession?

“I think the “Salt Lake Tribune” is a slanted, bigoted newspaper. That doesn’t care about facts, apparently, doesn’t care about facts. At least when it comes to us, which is strange,” Glenn said.

For years, Glenn has been vocal about his distate for boycotts. He would rather there be more voices than less, and people would pick the winners by voting with their dollars and their time. That’s why he has created TheBlaze as an alternative to the mainstream media, and 1791 Jeans as an alternative to Levi’s. Both businesses have been succesful.

But Glenn also said that throughout history when people have been confronted with bigotry and hatred, they have used boycotts to change things. He pointed to Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and South Africa during apartheid.

“I have been look at what changes things. For instance, what changed Apartheid? What changed that? People getting together and saying ‘I’m not going to buy anything from South Africa. Won’t trade with you.’ So it was a boycott that applied a lot of pressure” Glenn said.

“We are a different people. That’s what my whole speech was about yesterday, we are different. We believe in you can make it, you can do it. We are positive, create something. Don’t destroy something.”

“However, there has to be a part of it that has to be ‘don’t do business with people who are trying to take you apart’ and be very clear. We don’t do business with these kinds of people. We don’t.”

Stu and Glenn did have a disagreement over the issue on air. Glenn’s record on boycotts, which Stu has always supported, is that there shouldn’t be the formal activism component that the left uses with boycotts. Instead, the focus should be on creating alternatives. But on radio today, Glenn said there needed to be more “teeth”:

From radio:

Clearly, the debate wasn’t going to be settled in one day.

But going back to the original question: Has Glenn changed his stance on boycotts?

Right now, his stance doesn’t really seem to be different than his call for people to “put your money where your heart is”, in other words support the businesses that represent your values. Create alternatives where there are none. Live your principles. And don’t support those businesses that tear down and mock the things you know to be true.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Sun Tzu stated it clearly that the best means of victory over an enemy is to defeat his strategy and second best is to defeat alliances.

    In the first, the continuation of the Blaze network and so much more is the defeating of the Democrats strategy. That is an established fact.

    So incorporate the second portion, of defeating alliances to break the supporting structure so critical to the Democrats and the RINO’s: the pocketbook.

    They have used boycotts as legitimate weapons in their war on conservatives. So change the name to ’embargo’ or such as you please and return the favor to them in full measure; change the world by creating something new, rock it to the foundations by turning the arms and tactics of the opposition on them in new ways.

    • Anonymous

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      The editor of the opinion page is directly responsible for ensuring that
      the paper is protected from libel lawsuits by allowing readers to
      wantonly slander the reputation of another person or organization
      through non-factual claims, attack pieces, racism and lies. It’s too bad
      that they can’t even own up to that. 

    • Anonymous

      Very true SNOWLEOPARD. The best and right way to do a boycott is to find or provide a better product and then to market that product. By creating competition you create opportunity.

      The wrong way is merely know as “bully” tactics.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    you will never control anything without the real threat of physical violence for non-compliance.  that is the human way, like it or not.

  • Anonymous

    How clearly typical of the Salt Lake Tribune to claim that this lady’s article was simply a reader’s write-in to the general opinion page. That is a baldfaced lie. This was an actual, invited article and who cares that it wasn’t part of the regular news coverage? The paper is still responsible for the accuracy and content of any articles it publishes, including those submitted from readers, even when it is simply a write-in opinion. The editor of the opinion page is directly responsible for ensuring that the paper is protected from libel lawsuits by allowing readers to wantonly slander the reputation of another person or organization through non-factual claims, attack pieces, racism and lies. It’s too bad that they can’t even own up to that. 

  • Anonymous

    the sl trib has always been the negative voice in utah. for them, finding the real or imagined bad in almost anything is pervasive. their articles whither ‘real journalism’ or on the op-ed page are hardly worth a response when they leave reality behind. if the corparation that owns the desert news had not taken over the trib, so were would be two voices in salt lake, the trib would have died a long time ago.

  • Erin Anderson

    My thoughts here, but I think that the “public” should call SLT and tell them this is not ok! Glenn we are behind you! This is also why I take the Deseret News over the SLT any day!!

  • Anonymous

    The spectacle of Glenn Beck, who makes his living casting false aspersions on the character of others, whining about this article slandering him is just too insane to be believed. George Soros is an evil Jewish puppet-master! Barack Obama hates white people and is intentionally trying to destroy the US! Michael Moore hates America! Hillary Clinton is the evil dictator-in-waiting who will take over America after Obama goes to prison! … and so on, and so on, and so on.  Seriously, man, at least 70% of what this guy does is falsely accusing others of evil intentions or actions, from the most basic “So-and-so hates the Constitution” to the wildest, most bizarre & spittle-flecked conspiracy theories. What a feckin’ crybaby.

    • Anonymous

      And now we have yet another handle for Gadamer, AKA Vicky Tiffany. Yet another personality in the morass.

      • Anonymous

         Hi there – I’m just curious. What does that comment mean, please? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      And now we have yet another handle for Gadamer, AKA Vicky Tiffany. Yet another personality in the morass.

  • Alexis Dalton

    Just got off the phone with George Pyles from the editorial department at the SLTrib. During our conversation he made this exact statement when I said that news organizations should be dedicated to giving the public the truth, and at the very minimum fact-checking their articles. Pyles said “I don’t know where you got that idea, but although we try to ‘throw in’ as much truth as possible, it doesn’t always happen”. There you have it, part of the problem is that they have absolute imbeciles working on their staff.

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