Matt Kibbe explains how Freedom Works is organizing to defund Obamacare

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On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works about the fight to defund Obamacare, the Republican primary in South Carolina for Senator Lindsey Graham’s seat, and the new reason for optimism in the conservative movement.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has been leading a charge in the Senate to encourage fellow Republicans to block any continuing resolution that would fund Obamacare. But so far, many have been too scared to support the measure that could ultimately result in a government shutdown.

“So Mike Lee had this idea a couple of months ago that we should defund the president’s healthcare system, and this is pretty much the last stop on this train. If it’s not defunded here, it moves forward,” Glenn said. “They have done every unbelievable move they possibly could to delay this thing and to change the meaning of what they actually wrote. They’ve given everybody, all their cronies and all the people in Washington have special exemptions on this, but the American people are getting screwed. And [Mike Lee] says let’s fund the government but not this. And this is the only power the Congress has. And the GOP is fighting this as hard as the progressive Democrats. Does he have a chance of winning here, Matt?”

“I think he does,” Kibbe said. “And I don’t know what it is about the GOP. You know, maybe they have friends in the corporate community that would love to free ride on this new entitlement. Maybe they are just afraid. I don’t know what it is, but we’ve got to push them from the bottom up. If you go to – which is the crowd source side where we’re trying to force all members of Congress to actually speak to their constituents – it’s really exploding at this point. We’ve gone from zero to 156 events… So public opinion and grassroots activism is literally exploding on this issue right now… But like I always say, we’ve got to beat the Republicans on this before we can actually beat the Democrats.”

By visiting you will be able to find your district and see what kind of action is already being taken in your community. The goal is to hold members of Congress responsible by forcing them to interact with their constituents. Kibbe explained that Sen. Graham is famous for holding password protected tele-town hall events, so he can avoid answering tough questions from the people he represents.

Over the last several months, Glenn has been interviewing the various Republicans who are looking to challenge Sen. Graham in the upcoming primary race. “Do you think anybody in that race has a chance of beating him,” Glenn asked.

“Well, the interesting thing about South Carolina is it’s an open primary. And think about what happened in Texas with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz managed to keep David Dewhurst below 50%. That forced a runoff, and both the time and that straight up fight between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst made it almost seem inevitable. It was never inevitable,” Kibbe explained. “And the fact that we have three, maybe four challengers to Lindsey Graham could be a competitive advantage at this point because we want to keep him below 50% on June 10th, 2014. There’s not an obvious successor. There’s not that one Ted Cruz type candidate yet. But we have time to vet the candidates. And I think the challenge for our community is to make sure that we all focus on the common enemy and not start shooting at each other… I think both Lee Bright and Nancy Mace have lots of potential.”

One of the themes Glenn has been covering on radio this week is the idea that conservatives and those who believe in the Constitution are winning, in spite of the best efforts of establishment Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

“I’m beginning to sense a change in the American people… And I’m sensing something new happening in America that a new position is being found of common sense and freedoms,” Glenn said. “There’s a new life about to be taken on with the freedom movement and it will include people on the left and the right. Are you sensing any of that?”

“Yeah, I think a lot of these issues that we’ve talked about for a long time are starting to resonate with people that just want to be left alone,” Matt responded. “And you see that whole civil libertarian aspect to these IRS abuses, to the idea that some people have to comply with ObamaCare and other people don’t, that the ‘insiders’ are going to opt out of this, and all of the information they are going to use to selectively enforce that. I think that’s a perfect storm that galvanizes people that are sort of instinctually libertarian left/right/center but have really tried to not pay attention to Washington because they have better things to do. They can’t afford that anymore.”

From Ashton Kutcher’s speech about work ethic to Bono’s defense of capitalism, there have been high profile examples of people being united on principles and concepts that they may not have realized they had in common.

“And I think that’s where most people live,” Glenn said. “When you really sit down and talk to them, most Americans are like, ‘Leave me alone. I just want to be left alone. I mean, I want some common sense laws and, you know, I want the government to run the military and everything else, but get out of my life.’ I think that’s the way most people are.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now Freedom Works has three massive obstacles to overcome:

    The Democratic party, President Obama, and the RINO’s who will do all they can to defeat the effort. These three see this pending de-funding battle as the perfect means to destroy the tea party once and for all.

    • Anonymous

      They also spend an awful lot of time sucking each other’s cocks

      • Guest

        Flag the liberal weenie.

        • Anonymous

          Guest, gladly. One can, also, ”dethread” but I don’t like to censor.
          Let others read the comment and decide for themselves.

          • Anonymous

             In EVERY thread this dumb-ass says the same thing, go through all of the threads from this date, it’s the same comment over and over, but on Fire Wire we are erased for stating facts with no fowl language or racism.  On Fire Wire half the time you can’t even understand what the conversations are about because the moderator shredded the posts, but people like this get to speak on this site using fowl demeaning language?

          • Anonymous

            My friend, the best thing one can do to ”persons” like
            this is to ignore them.  NO REPLY!  No one will show he was upset or had even bothered to read the comment.  Hopefully, it will drive the poster crazy, or, at least, will not give him any satisfaction.  (I stopped going to The Blaze awhile back when there was difficulty in posting.)

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you go and find something useful to do.  You sound like you have a fetish with male genitalia.

    • Anonymous

      Sweetheart I’m the biggest obstacle you have to overcome.  Watch my 3 minute speech in Hartford.

      • greywolfrs

        You are far from the biggest thing in the way, $.25 in lead cures that problem.

      • Guest

        Keep spewing those windmill dreams, we need all the hot air we can get. LMAO

        OBTW, those windmills off shore keep breaking down, something to do with the salt air.

        Don’t put any of those windmills where the Kennedy’s and Barney Frank can see them.  That’s a no, no.

        Let me know when you can power a Semi with all your wind.  See how it works, blowhard?

  • Pachy Serrano

    When conservatives will understand, including GB, that Freedom Works is not really a grass-root movement, but a political organization created by one of the most powerful Republican lobbist in D.C. Mr. Dick Armey. Get the4 facts people!!

    • Sam Fisher

      When are you liberals going to understand we don’t hate rich people like you guys do.

      • Anonymous

        Sammy I prayed to “THOR” all night and I asked him if he could help you understand what  term “be specific” means.  Did it work?

        • Sam Fisher

          Yes he shoved that hammer of his up my ass.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a good thing I didn’t pray to Zues, isn’t it?  How did you pick your god?  Dartboard?

    • Anonymous

       Again! We don’t give a s— how or by who gets it done and I can not for the life of me see how anyone, liberal, conserv., repub, dem, whatever could possibly not want to slow down the loss of income, freedom, etc. this thing is causing already. And Pachy, we get how you dig up your points from your liberal media and regurgitate them here and believe me they are given just as much attention as when upchucked by your heroes at MSNBC.
      And since you brought him up, Hows about gettin Dick Armey to stand up next to your wonderful minority leader and see who comes off as the better human.
      I did not put her name in the same sentance with DA because it is just impossible to imagine.

  • Sam Fisher

    Defund Obamacare and fix the economy and lower health care cost.

    • Anonymous

      Sam   what kind of insurance do you have now and what difference is obamacare gonna make to you? Please be specific, so we can check your figures so we can keep you honest.  Thanks sam.  Have you seen my last show?

      • Sam Fisher
        • Anonymous

          Sammy sweetheart I guess the words be specific confused you.  Why is it such a challenge for you to answer a question?  Let’s try this again.  What kind of insurance do you have and how is obamacare gonna effect you?  Try to stay on point, thanks.

          • Sam Fisher

            I guess truth confuses you maybe try opening your eyes and ears for once may help you blind fool.

          • Anonymous

            Sam I love you.  I’m gonna say a prayer for you. Is there a particular god you want me to send my prayer too?  Be specific, I don’t want to waste my time prayng to the wrong god. 

          • Sam Fisher

            It is a bloody miracle an atheist is praying at all so you chose.

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    conservatives will understand, including GB, that Freedom Works is not
    really a grass-root movement, but a political organization created by
    one of the most powerful Republican lobbist in D.C. Mr. Dick Armey. Get
    the4 facts people!!

  • az

    To Freedom Works and Glen, the conservative movement got taken over after the 2010 elections by the Repub. EST. BASE,  pull your heads out of the sand please.

  • Anonymous

    Here in Texas the most important piece of legislation I’ve seen passed happened a couple of years ago. Not too many paid it enough attention at the time but Texas is enjoying the benefits today. It’s called “Tort Reform” and it’s the main reason Texas has continued on through this extremely rough time in this nations financial history. Texans aint gettin rich but you’ll never see Dallas or Houston going thru what Detroit and most other cities in the USA are going thru.
    Now, don’t get me wrong! You’re not gonna hear me tooting the repub horn but they were in power at the time and all of us knew there was no way democrooks would let something containing common sense get by them if they had power.
    This effort to defund this nightmare (Obamcare) is starting to get my attention. I have no doubt flushing Obams care would be a step forward. Maybe on the same level for the US asTR was for Texas! Hopefully there are enough forward looking people to plan a next move after it happens because i have little doubt Bam’s gang has a plan in place to cram something equally distasteful or maybe something worse up the place Bamscare is presently occupying inside us.
    This is a huge undertaking by Sen. Lee and I have no idea if he has any other agenda other than doing his job as best he can and I really don’t care! Right now I’m hoping this thing can be done away with just so the headlines the next day gives me the good feeling I got when I heard about Texas Tort Reform.
    Also want to mention the doctors streaming into Texas are having a bit of a rough time dodging the trial layers streaming out. I say “welcome” to those docs and, well , you can probably guess how the others are addressed.

  • Anonymous

    All I know, from a recent poll, (forget who gave it), B.O.’s approval rating has taken a sharp

    downward turn.  Could be because many may already be feeling the affects of Obamacare

    through higher insurance costs or some services being cut.  Medicare was supposed to take a

    hit and, as a senior, I am paying much more for my meds.  Another reason for B.O. falling out of

    favor could be the economy.  Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  The unemployment picture

    looks dismal, as well.  Ask recent college graduates if they have their ”dream” job.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Bonnie Somer

    lk here it is obamacare originated in the senate w/the taxes 23 of them the law according to Art 1, Sect 7 of the constitution cannot b law b/c all tax and spending bills must originate in the house,  then our founders did us a favor c Art V it says that states can call for a natl constitutional convention to add amendments to the constitution like to lessen the exec order power of the pres to make sure the budget is balanced to end govt agencies from targeting spec groups or our nat resources read mark levins bk the liberty amendments 

  • John Adamson

    Ya, and if I get one more damn call from the Glenn Beck Defund Obama care fund, I am going to have to take action. some dumb ass shit head screaming in my phone. Sounds like chicken little and the sky is falling all over again.

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