Media Hypocrisy: Obama’s Media Empire Inspiring; Donald Trump’s Devastating

Are We Fighting World War III With Currency?

Gilmore Girls Revival: Last Four Words Were About the Writer, Not the Fans

POLL: Which RINO would you most like to leave office?

Direct From the Source: Quotes From General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Donald Trump’s Phenomenal Pick for Sec. of Defense

Aston Martin Throws Out the Rules to Build the Fastest, Biggest Muscle Car Ever

Elites Refuse to Suffer But Force Everyone Else To. No Wonder the Masses Are Pissed.

History of the Christmas Tree: From Pagan Ritual to Iconic Christian Symbol

POLL: Christmas Trees—Fake or Real?

Hand-Knitted Baby Cardigan Tells a Story of Survival and Healing From the Middle East

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