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Today, Thanksgiving Day, put differences aside and come together with gratitude

For Thanksgiving Day, Glenn shared this message of encouragement. As Americans, we are blessed. By divine providence, we live in the United States of America. That means, no matter your situation, you have more than 98 percent of the world. While the holidays can be a tough — especially if you’re spending time with people […]

Former homeless man serves the homeless for Thanksgiving

Today, Jeff Tooles will cook roughly 70 “nice, pretty, golden brown” turkeys for city dwellers who, as he says, “don’t have anywhere to go.” The senior food services manager of Central Union Mission — an emergency shelter that offers a Spiritual Transformation Program (STP) for Washington, D.C.’s homeless men — will celebrate his twentieth Thanksgiving […]

Glenn’s suggestion against Black Friday mall shopping

On radio this week, Glenn told listeners about a conversation he had with his kids regarding shopping on Black Friday. While he admitted he doesn’t think anything is going to happen, he said he’d rather have his kids safe. “I’m debating whether or not to tell you in my own mind, but I told my […]

New ‘Star Wars’ movie offers unique experience for multiple generations

A new generation of fans will be introduced to the Star Wars saga this Christmas. Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres December 18 across theaters in the U.S. The film is the seventh installment in the main series and the first film in the third Star Wars trilogy. It takes place approximately 30 years after […]

‘The Immortal Nicholas’ touches hearts

Glenn’s newest book, The Immortal Nicholas, has caused a bigger reaction among readers than even he probably imagined. One woman who attended Glenn’s recent book signing in Shreveport, Louisiana shared how she began reading the book while waiting in line to have it signed. “By page 12, I was crying,” she said. “Really, really well-written. […]

Want to feel more thankful? Look for common ground

I am grateful for people. This came from a guy who posted hateful things about me. I went to his page to see if we had anything in common. We do! We both believe in people. Watch this video and you will too. "As pessoas não são más,elas só estão perdidas, ainda há tempo." Boas […]

Glenn takes viewers behind the scenes for Bible study with his staff

Occasionally, Glenn sits down with members of his staff for informal Bible lessons during the week. Before one lesson, Glenn decided to bring in some cameras to capture what went on so he could share it with his audience. This particular study session was on how we should treat one another, which Glenn found particularly […]

How progressives changed Thanksgiving

Much of what we know about the first Thanksgiving comes from a letter written by Edward Winslow in 1621. The letter, lost for nearly 200 years, was discovered by Boston publisher Alexander Young and later published in 1841. The first Thanksgiving, according to the account, was primarily a day of fasting to remember and thank […]

Immortal Thoughts: How does life crisis lead to greater joy at Christmas time?

In the opening chapter of Glenn’s new Christmas novel, The Immortal Nicholas, the main character Agios suffers a huge loss, bringing him to the lowest point in his life. At first, readers might find it difficult to imagine such a broken and grieving man becoming the kind-hearted and jolly character we think of as Santa […]