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What does freedom of conscience really mean and how do you fight for it?

The internet exploded when a small town pizza joint in Indiana said they wouldn’t cater a gay marriage because it violates their religious beliefs. The left insulted and threatened the owners, while conservatives raised money to support the family when they were forced to temporarily close their doors. The incident sparked an important debate over […]

Meet the newest addition to the Beck family

Glenn came home to a new addition to the family last night – a baby chicken named Ben! Glenn posted videos of the new pet on Facebook last night. Raphe and Cheyenne are “parents” of Ben the chick. I remember this from my childhood on grandpas farm. Raphe and Cheyenne are "parents" of Ben the […]

Blowing up the interwebs: Why fast food workers don’t deserve to make $15 an hour

Have you experienced Matt Walsh Mania? His latest post on TheBlaze, “Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and That’s OK”, has been the top story for nearly two days. Glenn thought the points were so good that he read excerpts on radio Friday and shared his own experience making […]

Senator Ben Sasse explains what happened with the Iran compromise

The Senate saw a rare compromise this week when Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill to give Congress 52 days to weigh in and review the bill. Glenn couldn’t tell if this meant the Senate simply surrendered their power, or if it is a step in the right direction. […]

Glenn: We’re looking at the best possible field of GOP candidates since Reagan

The 2016 campaign season is just getting started, but conservatives should be more excited by the first few days than any election in decades. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu looked at the field of candidates who have announced in recent days. Why do they think we are looking at the best conservative […]

The 2016 election will come down to one word: Authentic

Phony politicians have crippled American politics for way too long. They pretend to be grassroots, but really they are backed by corporate elites and donors with endless money to spend on influence in Washington, DC. The apathy the American people showed to Hillary’s announcement is just the latest example. People are hungry for the truth. […]

Terrifying new report suggests that ISIS has forces just south of the United States

On Tuesday, TheBlaze reported on an Islamic State camp in Mexico just miles from the United States border. That report was made possible due to the work of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization. According to the group, this camp is providing reconnoissance and thwarting efforts by law enforcement to protect the border. On Wednesday’s […]