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WATCH – Glenn’s infamous More[On] Trivia show just got a hilarious new opener

In the 16th season of what might be deemed one of the most ludicrous game shows in radio history, More[On] Trivia continues to monitor our nation’s intellectual pulse while predicting NFL game outcomes with surprising accuracy. Friday’s game featured the New Orleans Saints versus the Philadelphia Eagles. If you’re unfamiliar with this long-time Glenn Beck […]

‘We have made our $10 million goal’ – Never Again is Now

Her Christian father was shot in the back of the head execution style. He would not deny Christ. She now lives in a tent in the middle of a desert waiting for one of two things: 1. Christians around the world to hear her cries for help. 2. ISIS to come to her tent city […]

2016 hopeful Governor Bobby Jindal joins Glenn

Joining Glenn on radio for a full hour Friday, Governor Bobby Jindal delved into a variety of issues he hopes to address in a dramatic way as President of the United States. From major tax reform to dealing with Islamic terrorism, Jindal shared his plans on how to address some of the most important issues […]

Ben Carson educates media on the difference between a robber and a killer

The press just can’t understand people who believe in the first, second, fourth, fifth and tenth amendment. Wolf! You are not this stupid. There is a huge difference between someone who will use a gun to get your money and a killer. Yes, you never know, but you use your best judgement. I don’t shoot […]

‘My audience is not fooled’ – Glenn describes why he feels sorry for Trump

Oh, now I see why Donald Trump lashed out today. He got bad coverage in the NYTimes and research on the conservative voting base. I just thought it was a typical Trump circus non sequitur. I hadn’t seen this story until now. I feel sorry for him. It just isn’t going to end well for […]

Now is the time for the ‘least likely’ to step up to the plate

Oskar Schindler was an alcoholic womanizer. MLK cheated on his wife. Moses stuttered. What was it about these unlikely individuals that allowed them to change the world in such powerful ways for good? Glenn brought historian and theologian Dr. Jim Garlow and his wife – a direct relative of Oskar Schindler – onto his radio […]

Donald Trump thinks eminent domain is ‘wonderful’

In an interview with Bret Baire from Fox News this week, Donald Trump made some telling remarks about eminent domain, or the right of a government to expropriate private property for public use, with compensation. Glenn shared a portion of the audio with his radio audience Thursday. “I think eminent domain is wonderful,” Trump said. […]