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Leak: Soros Funded Ousting of Glenn Beck From Fox News

Excerpt from WND Written by Jerome R. Corsi NEW YORK – Does billionaire activist George Soros have the economic clout to push out conservative hosts and commentators that oppose with […]

Breitbart News Begins Trump Related Purges

Excerpt from The Resurgent By Erick Erickson Every totalitarian or fascist system has purges. Whether in the Woodrow Wilson era of the United States, the Mussolini era in Italy, the […]

Good Morning Joe

Below is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on Medium: Megyn Kelly, Fox News and the Curse of Me… Dear Megyn, Though I don’t believe everything I read […]

Glenn: Be still and know that He is God

“I will stand with anyone who’s decent and honorable and hard working. I don’t know what – I’m not asking you to do anything. I guess the only point of this rant is: Be still and know that He is God. “

‘Not even a smidgeon of corruption’

Prior to kickoff yesterday, Bill O’Reilly sat down for a 10-minute interview with President Obama and what transpired was quite contentious.

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