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WeinerTip: ABC Taps Completely Unbiased Opinions on Goldline

ABC is continuing its Weiner inspired Goldline-jihad today with a story heavily relying on a reporter from Consumer Reports, Noreen Perrotta. Wow–that seems pretty credible, no? I mean, it’s not like the reporter at Consumer Reports is some sort of left-wing lunatic…right? A Weiner-tipper says otherwise…

Glenn, Goldline brace for Weiner attack

First there was Van Jones and his front group boycotting Glenn. Then there was Obama’s favorite union SEIU, who also boycotted Glenn. Then Obama’s advisor Jim Wallis boycotted Glenn (Grassroots, eh?).


Goldline Live Endorsement

Explosions rock Boston Marathon

Libs simply cannot understand how the word ‘submissive’ can be a good thing. They instantly recoil when they hear the word but they fail to grasp the full understanding of it.

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