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WeinerTip: ABC Taps Completely Unbiased Opinions on Goldline

ABC is continuing its Weiner inspired Goldline-jihad today with a story heavily relying on a reporter from Consumer Reports, Noreen Perrotta. Wow–that seems pretty credible, no? I mean, it’s not like the reporter at Consumer Reports is some sort of left-wing lunatic…right? A Weiner-tipper says otherwise…

Glenn, Goldline brace for Weiner attack

First there was Van Jones and his front group boycotting Glenn. Then there was Obama’s favorite union SEIU, who also boycotted Glenn. Then Obama’s advisor Jim Wallis boycotted Glenn (Grassroots, eh?).


Goldline Live Endorsement

Ask yourself these four questions to reveal your level of preparedness

Think for a moment about the last time you experienced an emergency situation such as a winter storm or a power outage. How prepared were you? Now consider a bigger problem such as a large-scale food shortage or water contamination incident. What if a disaster forced you to leave your home for days or even […]

Explosions rock Boston Marathon

Libs simply cannot understand how the word ‘submissive’ can be a good thing. They instantly recoil when they hear the word but they fail to grasp the full understanding of it.

Our second war of independence was a defining moment for this country.

This is a sponsored story. Glenn Beck was paid for his endorsement Friends, I am proud to tell you about the silver and gold War of 1812 bullion coins that are available exclusively from Goldline. The War of 1812 involved U.S., British, and Canadian forces and is often described as America’s second war of independence. […]