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WeinerTip: ABC Taps Completely Unbiased Opinions on Goldline

ABC is continuing its Weiner inspired Goldline-jihad today with a story heavily relying on a reporter from Consumer Reports, Noreen Perrotta. Wow–that seems pretty credible, no? I mean, it’s not like the reporter at Consumer Reports is some sort of left-wing lunatic…right? A Weiner-tipper says otherwise…

Glenn, Goldline brace for Weiner attack

First there was Van Jones and his front group boycotting Glenn. Then there was Obama’s favorite union SEIU, who also boycotted Glenn. Then Obama’s advisor Jim Wallis boycotted Glenn (Grassroots, eh?).


Goldline Live Endorsement

Explosions rock Boston Marathon

Libs simply cannot understand how the word ‘submissive’ can be a good thing. They instantly recoil when they hear the word but they fail to grasp the full understanding of it.

Our second war of independence was a defining moment for this country.

This is a sponsored story. Glenn Beck was paid for his endorsement Friends, I am proud to tell you about the silver and gold War of 1812 bullion coins that are available exclusively from Goldline. The War of 1812 involved U.S., British, and Canadian forces and is often described as America’s second war of independence. […]

Weiner tweets

As the Weiner situation developed yesterday, I found it important to cover the Twitter based meltdown with Twitter based mockery.  Make sure to stick to the end for the apparent new place of employment for Weiner.

You can follow me on twitter at   Unfortunately, I don’t typically tweet flexing pictures of my chest or junk shots.  Sorry about that.

STU_GBP There’s no way Weiner survives this…is there?

STU_GBP Sad day in Weinerfacts land.

STU_GBP R@jwe3@STU_GBP No doubt Glenn Beck and his robber baron friends at Gold Line were behind this vicious attack on Weiner.

STU_GBP RT @adamsbaldwin: BREAKING: #weinergate presser to commence prematurely.

STU_GBP Prediction: Weiner admits to it all, comes out as a swinger, and we spend the next 3 weeks being called intolerant of his lifestyle

STU_GBP Weiner is about to get crushed for playing yfrogger. #Weinergate

STU_GBP You have to admit–whoever did this was the best hacker ever. #Weinergate

STU_GBP Sure Weiner took a few pictures, but at least he didn’t scam people into doubling their money in gold. #Weinergate

STU_GBP Side note– Martin Bashir just did a horrible defense of his Palin flag comments. Hopefully Weiner has better material.

STU_GBP My main takeaway from the latest #Weinergate pics? I need to do some push-ups.

STU_GBP RT @jezipper@STU_GBP This Twitter incident is not the sum total of Weiner’s actions.

STU_GBP Something tells me the Sheraton is classier than the typical places Weiner takes his Weinerpics. #Weinergate

STU_GBP BREAKING: Weiner requests media only use Blackberries for photos. #Weinergate #Ehh #NotWorthFindingABetterWayToWordIt

STU_GBP RT @howardkurtz: To twerps demanding I cover Weiner scandal: Whole thing appears to be faked. Sometimes it pays to wait for the facts.

STU_GBP This hurts Weiners campaign for mayor of New York. But it helps his chances for governor. #Weinergate

STU_GBP “I didn’t see the pictures released today.” NO CREDIBILITY.#Weinergate

STU_GBP Wife knew about them before marriage. Then he kept doing them, only telling her about that part of it this morning. #Weinergate

STU_GBP Reporter: “Where’s your wife right now?” Weiner: “She’s not here.”#Weinergate

STU_GBP Phone sex was apparently “consensual.” Glad he’s officially ruling out phone rape. #Classy #Weinergate

STU_GBP Weiner absolves wife of responsibility for incident. That’s nice of him. #Weinergate

STU_GBP RT @balfec: “They were all adults to the best of my knowledge.” #Weinergate #HellomynameisChrisHansen

STU_GBP This underage women thing is not going to play well.. #Weinergate

STU_GBP BREAKING: Weiner says his Weinerpics are, in fact, constitutional. #Weinergate

STU_GBP “I don’t know their ages.” – Weiner. #Weinergate

STU_GBP Twitter is “something that I’ve found useful.” #Weinergate

STU_GBP After watching his claims about Goldline, I can assure you the WeinerPics are at least the second sleeziest thing he’s ever done.

STU_GBP “Anthony Weiner. That was the guy who last year was holding hearings calling me unethical.” - @glennbeck

STU_GBP RT @danfosternro: “Sadly, the Internet is the predator’s venue of choice today.”

STU_GBP BREAKING: Anthony Weiner signs long term contract to appear in Shake Weight commercials. #weinergate

If anyone wants to photoshop Weiner’s Chest Flex pics and Shake Weight video (it just seems like a perfect fit, doesn’t it?) feel free to email to