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WATCH – You know you want to see Jeffy get hit with pie in the face

Glenn had some fun introducing his new favorite game — Pie Face — to his co-hosts on radio Wednesday. After several minutes of trying to get someone to join him, Jeffy finally stepped up to the plate the hilarity ensued. Watch Glenn and Jeffy take turns trying to avoid getting hit with a splat of […]

Jeffy is a creepy, creepy dude

“Could we have a conversation? When you go to let’s say a Christmas party and there are, you know, 150 people coming, and it’s at somebody’s house, and the invitation clearly says ‘you plus one,’ do you bring your runny-nosed kids?”

How did Jeffy get hired?

“I don’t remember hiring you. Who hired you? Seriously I don’t remember this happening. Holy cow, we didn’t hire him!”

Jeffy vs the camel

While most of us were busy working, Jeffy decided to ride a camel. It did not go well.