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Poll results: TheBlaze audience picks GOP winner

Ahead of Tuesday night’s GOP debate, Glenn, Pat and Stu went over the results of the last listener poll on radio, identifying how the candidates stack up against each other. The biggest jump since the previous debate was taken by Ted Cruz, who came in first place in the poll. John Kasich saw the biggest […]

Glenn to host virtual hang-out during ‘The Root’ special and live book signing

This Thursday, November 12th, Glenn will be live-Facebooking and live-Tweeting during a behind-the-scenes video stream while the special, The Root Presents: 6 Days in Iraq airs at 8pm ET. Viewers will be able to go online and ask Glenn questions and basically just “hang out” with Glenn and his team. This episode documents the travels […]

Michelle Malkin explodes myths about cheap foreign labor and American layoffs in new book

Joining Glenn on his radio program Monday, author and commentator Michelle Malkin tore into what she termed the “crapweasels” who are “screwing America’s best and brightest workers.” Malkin shared with Glenn how her newest book exposes the lies perpetrated by high-tech billionaires and others who pretend to champion the middle class while aiding and abetting […]

Senator Ted Cruz can’t wait to debate Hillary Clinton on this

Glenn’s hour-long interview with Ted Cruz is available on demand. Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down with a one on one interview with Glenn, which aired Monday night. During the interview, Glenn questioned Cruz on his decision to cosponsor the “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Students Act,” which critics said would classify […]

A new look at Lady Liberty and Lady Justice with Carly Fiorina

Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina joined Glenn’s radio show on Tuesday, delivering an impactful message about who we are as a nation, from the perspective of the icons Lady Liberty and Lady Justice. “I think to right our wrongs now, to solve our problems, to heal our wounds, we need to remember who we are,” Fiorina […]

Why can’t the liberty guys get along?

On radio Monday, Glenn challenged Rand Paul on some of the remarks he’d made against Ted Cruz recently. Paul’s response was that he’s not trying to attack Cruz, he’s just answering the questions he’s being asked. “I would love for everybody on our side just to get along,” Glenn said. “Turn the guns on the […]

TONIGHT: Ted Cruz ‘like you’ve never seen him before’

On Monday, October 26th at 5 o’clock, Glenn’s one on one sit down with Ted Cruz airs on TheBlaze TV. Ted Cruz will be discussing his run for the presidency of the United States. Describing the interview, which was recorded last week, Glenn said, “If you’re even on the fence of thinking about supporting Ted […]

Senator Rand Paul – ‘Being conservative is not enough’

Joining Glenn on his radio program Monday morning, presidential hopeful Rand Paul shared his thoughts on liberty and conservatism. After introducing his new book, Our Presidents and Their Prayers, Paul pointed out what it means to him to be a Libertarian. “Because I believe that you should have the liberty to do anything you want, […]