OVERREACTION: Starbucks kerfuffle spurs racial training for all 8,000+ locations

STOP THE PRESSES! ‘Time’ magazine’s top 100 list will make your head explode.

MS-13 gang members are so sick of being arrested they decided THIS could be a good option

Do the math: THIS proves Comey leaked classified memos

COWARDLY ATTACK: Two police officers ambushed and killed while at lunch

BELIEVE THE HYPE? — 6 surprising gender gap stats liberals don’t want you to know

Satisfying, not shocking: Hillary’s approval rating hits all-time low

Don’t mess with the State: ‘Russian Elon Musk’ scientist found dead in his cell

INSULTING: Tenured professor blasts Barbara Bush on Twitter, then shows how much of a spine she really has

The left’s faux ‘war on women’ has grossly missed the mark

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