Glenn Announces TheBlaze Radio Network  

Launching later this month, a brand new online radio channel – TheBlaze Radio Network – will be the new exclusive home for renowned talk-radio personality and Marconi Award nominee Jay Severin. The “Jay Severin Show” is a mix of political commentary and satire, with a mission of exposing the truth without barriers.

The network’s line up will also include a simulcast of The Glenn Beck Radio Program and audio simulcasts of TheBlaze TV shows. Plus, Glenn’s radio co-hosts, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere are expanding their renamed show (now called Pat and Stu) from one hour to two, and will be heard for free for the first time, exclusively on TheBlaze Radio Network.

9am-Noon ET: The Glenn Beck Radio Program
Noon-2pm ET: Pat and Stu
2pm-5pm ET: Jay Severin
5pm-6pm ET: The Glenn Beck Program (simulcast of TheBlaze TV)
6pm-7pm ET: Real News from The Blaze (simulcast of TheBlaze TV)
You will be able to stream all the programming online for free at You will be able to download TheBlaze app at no charge and listen to the free stream on your iPad and iPhone. You will be able to listen to the TheBlaze channel on iHeartRadio.