Counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013: Exposing Common Core

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Common Core is the nationwide education initiative being jammed down the throats of students and parents around the United States whether we want it or not. 45 states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have all adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is funded with money from the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Back in 2009, Gates explained the real ‘benefit’ of a nationalized set of education standards:

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While the ‘rigorous’ standards claim to adequately prepare our youth for higher education, it’s actually dumbing down schools across the country. The standards fail to teach students how to write in cursive and teach mathematics in such a way that allows for 4×3 to equal 11.

Glenn has this to say about the dumbing down of our nation’s schools:

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Michelle Malkin, David Barton, Glenn, and concerned parents around the country have lead the charge against the nationalized education system by highlighting countless offenses and bizarre learning materials.

David Barton explains how Common Core threatens the teaching and learning of American history:

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But perhaps the greatest anti-Common Core argument ever made came courtesy of Ethan Young of Farragut High School in Knox County, TN who is concerned Common Core creates a one size fits all system that disregards the individual for the sake of the collective.

Glenn reacts to “the best argument against Common Core” he has ever heard:

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  • Bonnie Somer

    how about obama being rammed down our throats in 2008 how bout that one the liar manipulator n chief the ignorer of the US Constitution the person so hell bent on the destruction of this nation that is the worst of the worst

  • BlueMN

    OOH! I hope the top Glenn moment is the announcement of Glenn Beck Stadt or Mogadishu II or whatever the Libertarian paradise he wants to build is going to be called. There aren’t many leaders left who envision building their own city anymore!

    • WASP

      Maybe they can put up these gates while they are at it.

  • WASP

    Communist core is pretty much about making individuals obsolete and promoting the hive mentality. I would suspect rounding up us useless eaters is not to far around the corner. I’m moving to Hungary, I give up. All really is lost in this country,the time for doing something has long since past. Its just talking heads talking about how bad it is, and yet the agenda marches on unfettered. Sad.

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Did anyone REALLY not see this coming? All the BS changes in schools were being done for a reason and how the hell anyone thought it was inthier kids best interest has dumbfounded me from day one of changes! No playing tag? No playing touch FB? No this and no that…anything that brought SOCIALIZING and making FRIENDS were and competing to win were being tossed out as BAD THINGS! Sure is funny nobody said “Well how come Politicians and Boards are still COMPETING for positions if competition is bad for my kids self esteem?”. I asked and I asked…everyone looked at me like “I” was some nutcase! I asked “Why are school employees being paid with MONEY if saying GOD id against the rules?” Huh? I was ignored. Now look! This crap is being rammed down your kids throats and most of you are (lets be honest instead of full of crap here) too lazy and uninterested to even look into it.

  • WASP

    Long live the oligarchy, money is god and god is dead, and we just embrace it. You would think D.C. would have been razed by now?

  • Anonymous

    Eliminating the need for actual teachers. The “educators” will be loyal party members.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, common core is the pits. I am beginning to gather material to teach my daughter so that she can be aware of the real history of our country. I will do the same for all subjects and also will find a group in my area to work with to get this out of my school system.

  • Anonymous

    I say, take the kids out of public school that teach the Common Core. Homeschool! Or send them to a Christian School!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard such misinformed BS, insane distortions, and outright lies in my life. That is some seriously delusional Kool Aid and fear mongering at its worst. If you fall for any of this, you’re either extremely gullible or you have an unhealthy wish to be fooled.

  • Anonymous

    The inclusion of special ed. and resource kids in classes is a warm and fuzzy notion. But it’s also dumbing down education because of all of the attention and accommodation they require.

    • william sleeper

      Hey, I know people will rag on you for saying that, but it’s the truth. I taught for five years in a high school history classroom, under NCLB. The last two years, I had “inclusion” classes, w/ special ed students so far behind or mentally challenged that I had to have their resource teacher in the room “co-teaching” with me. Every semester I would have students come up to me and complain because they liked how I taught the class, (worksheet, notes, projects, short lectures peppered with interesting stories about the famous people we would learn about) but I had forgo much of what I did so that the Sp.Ed students would stay on target, sometimes having to do goofy, or silly activities geared more towards elementary or middle school, than high school. The crappo claim was that the “social interaction” was good for the students, Ok, maybe….until they have to head down to the resource room (Sp.Ed classroom) to have their test read to them, because it is part of their IEP! How do you think the social interaction is gonna be after that. I mean you can’t talk about any students IEP, but I’m still expected to have answers when the reg. students in the class ask why Johnny or Janny Doe get to go take their tests down stairs (and trust me weither it happens or not, in the mind of the students, they usually believe that the Sp.Ed teachers are helping give the kids the answers). All, in the name of Socialization.

      • Angry Grizzly

        I was in Special ed classes until my senior year of high school. I had ADHD before it was a well known problem. When I started college I excelled in Automotive Technology and later I completed an internship at a NASA facility in Aircraft Metal Fabrication. I graduated from High school in 1980 and I earned over 200 units in college credits at one of the best community colleges in the country. You may have heard of some other students that attended this college Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In fact one of Apple computer’s buildings was behind one of the student parking lots at this college. The point is every child can learn and teachers are the special people that can find where each student excels and inspire them to do so and learn.

  • Mark Kurtz

    These days we’re being fed the cookie cutter mentality. Cookie cutter health insurance, Cookie cutter education, etc. This concept is so foreign to how we do business here, and it’s counter to what makes us great. “One size fits all” everything is something you’d expect to find in China or the USSR, not here.

    The central problem with education is that the :”what” is taught, while the “how” is ignored. The example of the lattice method of multiplication is a great example of this: It merely teaches “follow these steps and you get the right answer”. It does not teach “how”, it does not go further.

    The single best thing we could do for education is start teaching students HOW to think. This skill-set is more powerful than any amount of memorized factoids or formula.

  • SterlingK

    Glenn, I like a lot of what you do, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this point. Common core is not evil. Eliminating cursive writing and setting minimum standards is not Communism. And we will not create a generation of liberal robots by setting educational benchmarks. Granted, the federal government is probably the least qualified to roll-out and implement such a plan, but the premise is not flawed and here’s why…

    The federal government spent $77B toward K-12 education last year and they ought to be able to gauge the effectiveness of that investment. Wouldn’t you? Just like an employer who pays for an employee’s tuition can set conditional expectations, the government should be able to set achievement and measurement benchmarks. If you don’t like it, don’t use their funding. States can refuse common core, and where states have adopted it parents can choose an alternative like a charter, private, home, or online school. As long as we preserve choice and diversity, let the federal government play and if they think they can come up with standards, techniques, and results that are more effective and less costly then go ahead. But if not, the best alternatives will rise to the top.

    • Kat Blakely

      Well stated – just as a relative replied to me – she too is in the educational system and a strong supporter of this mess. The Federal government spending billions on this nonsense is not indicative of a smart decision.

      I want children to learn how to read, WRITE, spell, math, English, history – all of it, and PLAY outside for recess as children have done forever. Run, tag, football, dodge ball, tough football, whatever – PLAY and be a child!

      Thinking, reasoning powers come from within and are supported by interaction in the classroom o family, or disproved. We must THINK, our children must learn HOW the right is right and the wrong is wrong.

    • Real

      Hey the problem is we spent $77B not the government only has what it takes by force. Give power back to the people no need for common core evaluation then.

    • Dennis Montalvo

      “Eliminating cursive writing and setting minimum standards is not Communism” // That’s where you fall for the trap. Communism cannot touch America because it is filled with common sense. Filled with tradition and pride. A history that rivals some of the greatest societies in history. But if our children are unable to access those records and our own history is made to fade away and made inaccessible right in front of our own eyes we are doomed as a free and sovereign country and susceptible to any form of philosophy that sounds knew and beneficial but really it was one of an enemy we were made to forget because of infiltration through our education. At some point you need to question, reason then take action. Don’t just sit there and see where it takes you. Control your own vessel.

      • SterlingK

        Dennis, do you really think replacing cursive with something more relevant would result in limiting access to historical documents or cause history to fade away? That’s a bit extreme. Any of the documents you’re referring to can be easily accessed in a non-cursive version online. And if you don’t want your kids to lose cursive, teach them. But as a taxpayer, I would rather see that time in 3rd grade spent on something more applicable.

        The point of public education is to teach students relevant topics so they are prepared for the real world? The purpose of Common Core is to gauge the effectiveness of that goal. We could ask, “Why do we offer publicly funded education anyway?” Some would say this is socialist. But if as a community we teach students basic skills to be productive members of society rather than a strain on it, then that would seem like a system worth maintaining. We can argue whether or not that’s being accomplished… I for one think it’s ridiculous that many high school graduates have no concept of managing basic finances or budgeting, or managing credit or interest. I think too much time is spent on instruction and not enough on application. Too much time is spent on higher math classes like trigonometry and calculus when most students will rarely use these concepts after high school. But I have many of my own opinions of what would improve education, most of which I think would be better implemented through charter schools.

  • Alika Nganuma Toshihiko Cripe

    wow he shouldve kept his mouth shut until he became a very powerful guy now they are gonna go after him to shut him up. If he cares about education he wouldve gone in with his own goons and fixed it himself but noooo he has to be a pacifist you dont fight true powerful evil with easy going pacifism you fight it with hard core fight against evil, taking away the bad guys to put the good guys in power; fixing the problem. . Ive been with this revolutionary movement for a long time. BUT I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT IF PHYSICAL ACTIONS ARE NOT TAKEN AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT OR BY THIS EVIL. Because i will just wait until that moment has come. Because all this gibber jabbing talking nonsense is telling the goon, “Yawn you done yet? Cool story bro! Hey listen we don’t give a fuck you make us money it makes us happy! We dont give shit about your way of living cause we are the party and we will mistreat you and govern you unless you grab guns and grow balls and show us whos boss. Not like you ever will because you think your so educated by wasting your breath on us we have more control more power than we ever did before! Folks like you we just shut up later through conspiracy. Good luck kind sir your gonna need protection in future! HAHA.” Thats exactly whats the bad guys are saying cause well this crap of serious corruption is beyond us now.

    All this letting people know and not taking physical action as well is wasting our time gotta do both physical and the factual speeches. So who will do the physical we already know whos doing the factual? Who gonna raise that army to stand up against washingtons and the bad guys? Im just saying guys how long are we gonna keep marching with billboards the size of 3 of my heads screaming stupid stuff?

  • Take 2

    Money’s…. The root of all evil. 7 trillion via a broken Congress ie Harry Reid and Barrymore Dunham or Davis…! Two democrats wearing smiley faces.

  • Karin Lindholm Hutchinson

    The progressives get creepier & creepier.

  • Paul Alexander

    Speaking about common core… why don’t we support the schools who teach uncommon core material? The classical education style. Check out it is a peerfunding campaign designed to help build a classical model school in Albuquerque. The only way we can change the problem is by becoming a part of the solution.

  • Angry Grizzly

    The biggest problem I see in our public indoctrination (education) system is the NEA. When the head of the union makes an offhanded comment that when the students or the parents contribute to their union funding then they will listen to them. Now you have the fecal matter from Microsoft dictating how are children should be taught. That means a lot coming from a university dropout who just happened to understand how to write computer software but did not finish college. The leadership of the NEA and the Marxist Democratic party abhor anyone that is able to “think for themselves” and are seeking mindless bots to fill places in our society . Anyone that think things through are true enemies to such a system. Why do you think the Marxists in Washington are fighting a war against Charter schools and “homeschooling”? it is because they cannot stand any alternative critical thoughts. We should have defined levels of proficiency for pupils at each grade level and since every child is a bit different to some degree and this will affect how they learn the teachers must be skilled in adapting their teaching skills to the student. When a teacher whines that they are “teaching to a test” well yes they are teaching to a “standard” As it is now we have the worst educated students in the industrialized world according to the test scores that I’ve seen. The federal Government destroys everything it tried to manage it is time to turn education back to the states and let them set the standards because the system in place now is failing.

  • Ambie

    OK. The term ‘Epic’ needs to be outlawed. To fix education eliminate the NEA and teachers union. No more tenure. Eliminate all tax based funding to universities,(including ivy league) colleges and other schools.

    Then sit back and watch. You’ll be amazed at how smart people will become.

    One last remark: Teaching a kid that you get summers off and crazy breaks in holiday season is not helping them prepare for life after school. (don’t tell me of farmer history of the 1860s to set the summer vacation school schedule either. save your breath)

    I also think this speech is one giant feel good message filled with blanket statement vague remarks and contradiction. But he’s a good kid. Emphasis on the word kid

  • Anonymous

    Education cannot be replaced by a “system”. The educators are not computers. We are not computers, we don’t download information completely and accurately and at the same baud rate.

    Common Core is nothing new. A similar education program was tried in the late 60s early 70s in some school districts (300 to about 1,000) . It was called IPI (Individually Prescribed Instruction) then and it was a disaster. It was “replace education with a system”.


    Why didn’t IPI take over the world? Why does no one talk about it? Because IPI was a *failure* and because it was a failure it was destined to be repeated with a different name — “Common Core”.

  • Stewart Martin

    paranoid schizophrenia. look it up.

  • Charles Hurst

    Common core is, like healthcare,just a tool of the Marxist. Education is key to the Marxist. Because kids grow up and vote. Karl knew, as has every tyrant in history, that if you brainwash the child, already naturally rebellious to the parent, then you create the base ingredients for the future recipe of communism. And the Marxist is patient.
    Am I wrong? Really? This was the exact tactic used by the Nazis with Hitler youth groups. And young communist groups in old Soviet Union.
    We must understand that the Marxist doesn’t just suddenly go out take control. The ideas floated for years before 1917 Russia. Hitler didn’t just have the Third Reich handed to him. He preached insanity in the beer halls–to a programmable people–the German.
    We are a society now that believes the first internet article that appears. Or what The Jersey Shore professes. That is why our nation is in such danger. Barry would never have been elected twenty years ago. Not because he is black. Because he is a Marxist. And the problem with a Marxist and propaganda is when they keep repeating the same mantra eventually the dull mind accepts it as truth.
    And then everyone loves Big Brother

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.
    And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • George Allegro

    I think we can all agree that the cankerous blight of today’s liberalism is a foul pox upon the oaks of liberty.



  • Debra Thomas

    “…Why don’t we just manufacture robots instead of students…” I found the statement by this young man to be ironic as well as spot on. Isn’t that the goals of “our” government? Unfortunately “our” government’s Bucket List in reference to “robots” is nearly completed…they’re already here – just look around you. I applaud him for standing up and speaking out.

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