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Common Core is the nationwide education initiative being jammed down the throats of students and parents around the United States whether we want it or not. 45 states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have all adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is funded with money from the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Back in 2009, Gates explained the real ‘benefit’ of a nationalized set of education standards:

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While the ‘rigorous’ standards claim to adequately prepare our youth for higher education, it’s actually dumbing down schools across the country. The standards fail to teach students how to write in cursive and teach mathematics in such a way that allows for 4×3 to equal 11.

Glenn has this to say about the dumbing down of our nation’s schools:

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Michelle Malkin, David Barton, Glenn, and concerned parents around the country have lead the charge against the nationalized education system by highlighting countless offenses and bizarre learning materials.

David Barton explains how Common Core threatens the teaching and learning of American history:

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But perhaps the greatest anti-Common Core argument ever made came courtesy of Ethan Young of Farragut High School in Knox County, TN who is concerned Common Core creates a one size fits all system that disregards the individual for the sake of the collective.

Glenn reacts to “the best argument against Common Core” he has ever heard:

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