With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out! Sign up for Glenn’s free daily newsletter HERE.

Glenn often likes to refer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s as the ‘trilogy of holidays’ because of the opportunity they offer to reset. It is the chance for us to focus on what is really important. This year, Glenn decided to was time to simplify certain things in his own life, and his Christmas special, Searching for Grandpa’s Christmas, was a chance to re-discover the true meaning of the season by spending time with his family at his ranch. There were plenty of laughs – and, yes, even a few tears – as Glenn spent time teaching his son Raphe how to milk a cow and time by himself reflecting on past traditions.

Check out what Glenn does while he’s up on his ranch:

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While Glenn and Raphe’s cow milking experience may have seemed straightforward, the outtakes tell a slightly different story:

Glenn also found time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas:

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This year also brought the release of Glenn’s first Christmas album, Believe Again. In collaboration with Clyde Bawden and nine talented artists, Believe Again features Christmas classics and inspiring originals. The process of putting the album together was chronicled in a remarkable two part series for TheBlaze. Cameras captured the range of emotion as  nine musicians from diverse ideological and musical backgrounds came together to record a Christmas album in only four days.

Check out this beautiful rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ by Dianne Tubbs:

How on earth can you possibly put an album together in just four days? One of the producers on the project, Mark Mabry, sat down with GlennBeck.com to explain. Read an excerpt of the interview below:

GlennBeck.com: So, what was it like when Glenn first downloaded the idea for Believe Again?

Mark: Glenn, (composer) Clyde Bawden, and I sat together in, I think it was May, Glenn’s office. We were eating cookies and talking about doing a few Christmas songs, when the album idea was born. Glenn mentioned Andy Williams and a lot of other ideas. The concept kind of snowballed, Clyde went to work on some fantastic arrangements, including Go Tell it on the MountainOh Come all Ye Faithful, and some others. He also made a fantastic version of What Child is This that we’re saving.

Anyway, we ate all of the cookies, then found a sharpie and wrote our plan – which, by the way, totally got turned on it’s head when we found out that none of the songs were in the public domain – on the back of a paper plate!

GlennBeck.com: What was the biggest challenge with putting the album together?

Mark: Time was our challenge. Being so close to it that there was no time for evaluation. We had to produce on the fly, dropping all egos and trusting each other to say if something wasn’t right. That made our greatest challenge also our greatest strength. It was a speed of trust thing.

Also, we have kind of made a big deal about the artists all being from different branches of Christianity. That’s isn’t just part of marketing the special, but it was an internal issue early on because some people we reached out to declined to participate. But to these guys, our guys, it was a non-issue. They were all smart enough to recognize their theology differences, but they were also smart enough to realize that those differences should not define us.

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