Counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013: The year’s most fascinating conversations

With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we’re counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year’s highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out! Sign up for Glenn’s free daily newsletter HERE.

In his quest to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us, Glenn has shared the stage with some pretty remarkable and insightful individuals this year. From the future of libertarianism to the art of being unmistakable, the truth about David and Goliath to the singularity, no topic was off limits as Glenn sought to find common ground and learn from some of this nation’s most fascinating thinkers.

In November, illusionist, author, and actor Penn Jillette joined Glenn to discuss how new technology has allowed people to explore and create outside of the established system. Penn also explained the advantages of technology and why the singularity isn’t necessarily as scary as it sounds:

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Earlier this year, Glenn sat down with Penn, who is an atheist, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin to debate morality, faith, and religion.

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Glenn has been long been a fan of Judge Andrew Napolitano, and he joined Glenn in September to talk about the future of the libertarian movement in the United States. As the Republican and Democratic parties continue to fail the American people, Judge Napolitano explained why libertarian ideals have the power to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. Small government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty is not partisan – its principle.

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For weeks, Glenn talked to his audience about an enlightening book he had stumbled across called The Art of Being Unmistakable by Srinivas Rao. Glenn and Srinivas probably would never have crossed paths had it not been for this book. In fact, it’s probably safe to say they would not run in the same circles. But that is not a barrier to sharing and promoting similar ideals. In October, Srinivas sat down with Glenn to discuss why living an unmistakable life is as much about making things different as it is making things better.

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Best selling author Malcolm Gladwell joined Glenn in November to discuss the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and “the art of taking down giants”. In Malcolm’s book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, he explains there are three weapons that the “powerless” can use to overcome overwhelming odds: faith, courage, and determination. And he surprised Glenn with his insightful interpretation of the story of David and Goliath.

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Plus, Malcolm shares the one question he would ask God:

BONUS from 2012: Glenn sat down with well-known futurist Ray Kurzweil for a wide-ranging interview. Watch a portion of the conversation below:

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  • Bruno’s Beach

    Citizens: Alter and abolish the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    In the second clip the rabbi asks “Would the world be a better place if one billion Muslims became Christians?”

    It begs the question

    Would the world be a better place if 10 million Jews became Christians or Muslims?

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    While democratic processes can support liberty, centralized bureaucracy and administrative socialism must inevitably restrict it.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    Where we allow ourselves to be subjected to the whims and ignorance of centralized planners, each of us becomes restricted to only the activities that offer results predictable enough to satisfy those controlling our choices.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    The liberty school knows that free men will voluntarily associate to create things greater than one’s intellect could ever design.

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    Since we have no way to know what gadgets and gizmos will be most useful in the future, we should recognize that the best way to prepare for the unknown is to maintain the most liberty, and therefore the most flexibility, to adapt.

  • Anonymous

    Those who oppose liberty tend to insist that civilization was somehow magically designed and that our knowledge depends upon intellect that exists apart from experience.

  • Anonymous

    While redistributing wealth may temporarily equalize conditions, it does so by grinding the gears of progress to a torturous halt.

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