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On Saturday July 6th, Glenn debuted his new Man in the Moon event to a sold out audience of over 16,000 people at USANA Amphitheater outside Salt Lake City, Utah. The event used a unique blend of film, music, dance, fireworks and spoken word to create an immersive storytelling experience unlike anything ever been seen before at this scale.

See some amazing photos from the night below:

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The week leading up to the event was plagued with pretty much the worst luck possible for an event like this. On the night of the first dress rehearsal, the computers crashed and the crew was only able to do a video run through. The next night things went much more smoothly, until a transformer blew and the stadium lost power with only five minutes left in the show. Storms plagued the next few nights, meaning July 6th was the first time anyone, including Glenn, had seen the entire show.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes craziness:

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In keeping with the luck (or lack there of) of the rest of the week, the hours leading up to the event were punctuated by rain. At one point, it looked like some of the projectors would have to be taken out of service because it would cost $600,000 to replace the damaged machinery. But 30 minutes before show time, despite weather continuing to be uncooperative, Glenn and his team decided the show must go on. Glenn and the incredible audience persevered, and, in the end, everyone was rewarded with an amazing show that proved to be unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Read a recap of the show HERE.

Glenn reacts to the unbelievable experience:

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Were you unable to make it to Salt Lake City for the big event? You can purchase the official Man in the Moon DVD HERE.

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